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How Important Is Microsoft Certification to Your IT Career? Benefits of Exam Dumps in Preparation for 70-411 Exams

A good Server means your enterprise benefits from a better internet connection, better computer processing power in your network, better storage of large loads of information, and better performance of individual PCs. A good Server also means that you have adopted better solutions such as Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012.

Therefore, the best performance requires the impeccable supervision of a certified professional. Microsoft, for about three decades, has been a leading vendor of IT exams and certifications that prove the candidates’ability to work with its products and services. One of the most in-demand credential among candidates is MCSA Windows Server 2012.

From this article you’ll know all you need about one of the tests 70-411 by code that serves as an essential stepping stone to getting an MCSA certified professional.

7 Reasons to Choose MCSA Windows Server 2012 Certification

  1. Gives you professional credibility

When you have one or more certifications from a single or several IT exam and certification vendors, you automatically gain professional credibility. For instance, when you get the MCSA badge in AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Dumps, you have to do three exams. It’s not an easy path and requires not only time and money but your diligence. More to add, going through such a testing process shows your commitment to the profession and makes you a more conscientious IT professional.

  1. Offers you networking opportunities

Networking is an important tool for professional growth and career success today. A Microsoft Certification like MCSA Windows Server 2012 allows you to join a specialized group of skilled and certified professionals in the IT industry. A good network is an adequate source for solutions to your most challenging workplace scenarios. Moreover, you also get the chance to offer solutions to other professionals in the industry, allowing you to position yourself within the IT-sphere.

  1. Improves your job retention

Companies are trying to cut costs every day. This practice may imply that employers are looking for people who are multi-skilled and highly talented in their industry. With a Microsoft certification, you are an asset to your company based on your modern skills and knowledge because your firm does not have to outsource professionals for the tasks and projects you can complete quickly and efficiently.

  1. Boosts your organization’s partner program

Companies are always trying to have a certain number of certified professionals within the enterprise to raise their partner level. Further, you will be more useful to the company when it has reached the higher partner level and needs to increase its number of associates on staff.

  1. Increases chances of promotions and pay rise

To get a promotion or a pay rise in a company, you need to stand out in skills, knowledge, and expertise. A Microsoft Certification like MCSA Windows Server 2012 exposes you to a lot of information, skills, and experience, making you more conspicuous in your competence. These factors will make you a candidate number one for a promotion or pay rise. Note, that with this MCSA badge you can apply for suh job positions as a computer network specialist, and a computer systems administrator. To add more, your annual salary will range from $49,000 to $113,000.

  1. Improves your chances of getting hired

Almost every candidate in a job application for an IT vacancy possesses similar academic credentials as the other. The MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012 acts as proof of your precise knowledge and skills and makes you stand in a large pool of job applicants, increasing your chances of getting hired

  1. Gives you personal satisfaction

Your biggest dream as a professional in your industry may include reaching the highest level of your IT specialty, maybe in skill level or management level. The highest certification in your IT specialty, is the MCSE Core Infrastructure badge that can serve you as a great source of gratification.

What Is the Certification Path for This MCSA Badge?

For you obtain the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification, firstly you need to have basic IT knowledge and skills. If you want to be sure you hold the necessary knowledge you can earn any MTA credential previously. Then, to become certified you have to pass three exams: 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412 to prove that you can install, configure and administer Windows Server 2012 and its advanced version.

Microsoft 70-411 Exam Description

Microsoft 70-411 exam focuses on your ability to administer Windows Server 2012. It is the second exam of the three designed to earn you this MCSA badge. Its tested skill area encapsulates:

  • Configuration and management of Group Policy,
  • Deployment, management, and maintenance of Servers,
  • Configuration of network access and services,
  • Configuration of print and file services,
  • Configuration and management of Active Directories,
  • Configuration of Network Policy Server Infrastructure.

Knowing the above domains tested equips you with what to expect in the actual Microsoft 70-411 exam which consists of 40-60 questions that should be done within 2 hours at a cost of $165. Excelling in Microsoft 70-411 will give you a chance to sit for the 3rd exam which will finally grant you a certification.

How Important Are Exam Dumps in Microsoft 70-411 Exam Preparation?

There is a widely known fact that it is crucial to use different types of materials during the exam preparation. Microsoft certification exams are not an exception. After checking and taking some options offered by the vendor, complement your prep process by using exam dumps.

Even if you’ve already chosen some resources we recommend you to pay your attention to exam dumps from that improve your readiness in different directions.

  • Exam dumps are a fast method of revision. biz offers actual and proven dumps that include questions with answers from recent exams. So, you can explore the required topics, find out your weak points and work on them harder.
  • Make revision enjoyable. You only work with questions and answers, which is less cumbersome than reading notes. Also, it is a great opportunity to look at the exam environment and expected question types using the special Exam Simulator for provided ete files with the dumps.
  • Give you the exam vibe. Exam dumps on sites like pre-empt the actual Microsoft exam; therefore, using them along with the ETE Software will shift your mind to exam mood, equip you with time management skills making you more exam ready.

You need some more reasons to choose this resource? Then here is one more benefit. At PrepAway you can find both free and paid exam dumps. You can try this method using free files uploaded by recent test-takers and continue your training with the Premium Bundle which includes the expert-proven file, a training course, and a study guide for $39,99.


Microsoft certifications are an important part of your IT profession. You need to always have a strong base in your area of expertise by taking the relevant certification. Passing the exam with exam dumps from is a perfect way to update both your skills and knowledge in IT. Make a step now and become the next expert in Server administration.

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