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A Brief Overview of LLM in International Economic Law

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International economic law is becoming a popular choice due to its global value. It directly contributes to a lot of variables including income distribution, the impact of trade on production, rate of consumption and more. This field is also concerned with analysing how the price of goods and services are impacted by trade. It further understands how everything contributes to economic growth. Here is a brief outline of what this course entails.

What is LLM in international economic law?

The purpose of LLM in international economic law is to offer interested candidates with a higher understanding of institutions, rules and principles which support modern-day international economic order. This is beneficial for students who are planning to undertake a legal career in this direction. It is also useful for those with a different interest who have a more intellectual or policy-oriented inclination.

This program provides essential technical knowledge required in this field. It also gives the ability to think critically about various legal and policy issues that surround the globalised world economy.

Through this program, you will understand the role played by multilateral institutions to regulate important economic relations in the international circuit. It will imbibe both theoretical knowledge and practical legal skills required in this profession. You will be able to work with facets of public international law related to interstate economic relations and also those between state and non-state entity.

Who should study LLM in international economic law?

This course is the ideal Launchpad for law students that are looking to strengthen their legal knowledge of the regulatory structures on which the global economy functions. Those concerned with various policies that entail this field and the process behind it would also benefit from this course.

Also, legal practitioners who are looking for a change in this direction or wish to expand their horizon can enrol in LLM in international economic law. Moreover, this is a degree that will bring an international dimension in the portfolio of those who are part of this field or are interested in expanding their expertise.

Why studying LLM in international economic law is a good idea?

The international economic order holds a lot of relevance in the globalised market. Having a good knowledge of this dynamic field can add to your skills and help you find a great niche in terms of a job as well. Through this course, you will gain an understanding of the most important bodies of rules and institutions that are directly involved in giving shape to this economic order.

It is only through this international economic law that developing countries can be integrated into the global economy. We all are aware that this body of law is being talked about everywhere. It is continuously being analysed by economist and market analyst all over the world.

Knowledge of international economic law is highly valued by firms. They are on a constant lookout for experts who can offer valuable technical and strategic advice to international clients. This means in terms of work opportunities you will find rewarding and interesting offers.

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