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How Colours in Design Affect Our Mood

How Colours in Design Affect Our Mood

As human beings, we use emotions to understand the world around and react to our environment. This type of social behavior has been with us since the times of hunter-gatherers, so it’s deeply ingrained into our brains, still molding the way we think.

As such, modern science shows that we have an automatic reaction to a wide range of stimuli (like colors). Back in the days, this was a defense mechanism that helped us stay alive and thrive.

For instance, the color red can symbolize both danger and excitement, depending on the context. In addition, each color that can be found in nature can trigger certain emotions, without even realizing it.

In fact, the use of colors and attractive visuals is one of the oldest tricks in the book of marketing. The use of flashy ads, gorgeous women, and appealing food images is no secret, but it still works today. And, given the current progression of the modern world, the same principles get applied to the online world as well.

Colors on a Website

Big online brands and influencers know by now that colors matter. The right color combination can boost sales, improve audience engagement, and set the mood for a fantastic experience.

However, according to specialists from Parachute Design, it takes experience and a designer’s eye to understand how the audience reacts. Also, only a professional designer can find the right color scheme that will combine nicely with the company’s existing visual identity.

For instance, a cool color scheme can give out a professional and inviting vibe. Still, under the wrong circumstances, it can also seem unfriendly. On the other hand, warm colors are fantastic for a friendly and soothing environment, but can also produce feelings of stress and anger.

So, it takes a bit of testing and trying to get just the right combination. Here are a few examples:

Black & White

In web design, black is associated with elegance and uniqueness. As such, fashion brands and high-end tech brands like to use black in backgrounds to show their products are something special.

Black also projects power and better highlights shiny and expensive products, which is why you’ll always find it in luxury ads and websites.

On the other hand, white is all about organization and order. Also used as white space, this color is perfect to let viewers breathe. When used in combination with black, white is perfect for highlighting specific sections or setting the focus in an area of the site.

Black & Red

This color scheme is most commonly used by online gambling brands but it also shows up on adventure websites where it’s important to highlight the exciting factor. In addition, black and red make for a classy color combination that suggests mystery and danger, so it may also show up on some foods & beverages brands.

Blue & Yellow

Yellow is a cheery color that warms the soul and boosts the mood. As such, you’ll find it on wellness and healthcare sites, but it’s also used by travel agencies and websites addressed to children or parents.

Still, yellow is a powerful color that needs to be tamed, which is why it’s commonly found in combination with blue. This is a color that invites people to a calm,  reliable, and safe environment.

Wrap Up

When used right, colors can help boost your success, but it’s not recommended that you base your entire marketing strategy on this. Colors are part of the mix, and it’s good to use them to your advantage.

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