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How Casino Brands Are Capitalizing On The Viking Craze

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In the highly competitive iGaming industry, online casinos are taking advantage of the boom in Viking themes in entertainment to attract players.

The value of Viking themes to online casino brands

Viking themes have always been popular, but in the past few years this has been taken to a whole new level in modern entertainment and online casinos have been quick to capitalize on this trend. The best online casino in Canada, for example, offers players a range of Viking-themed slot titles such as Viking Raid Zone, Viking Treasures, and Vikings’ Victory.

By embracing the popularity of all things Viking, online casinos are able to attract players to these slot games. By closely following the conventions of the Viking genre with wooden ships, bearded warriors wearing horned helmets, and brandishing axes, online casinos are able to tap into the Viking craze. In addition, titles such as Spell of Odin tap into Viking mythology.

How Vikings became so popular

The Viking Age began in 793 AD and lasted until 1066 the daring exploits of the Vikings and their mythology has had a lasting impression on modern entertainment. Online casinos are able to cash in on this association with Vikings thanks to the popularity of video games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The game was published by Ubisoft in 2020 and is the twelfth game in the highly successful Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. It gives players the opportunity to take on the role of a Viking and embark on a raid of the British Isles and has become one of the most successful titles in the French company’s game franchise.

The boom in Viking themes is further evidenced by the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla, the sequel to the popular show Vikings. Jeb Stuart, the creator of the series shot in Ireland, pointed out that the lack of details available about the Vikings gives writers a certain amount of poetic license while respecting the historical aspects of the era. This means that the storyline possibilities are endless as various figures from Viking history can be brought together to interact, whether or not it actually happened from a historical perspective. He explained: “But if I can find characters that were tangential… let’s say there’s no historical knowledge that they both ran together, but it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have happened.”

The longevity of the Viking genre can also be explained by the intense interest in Norse mythology. This gives modern entertainment the added option of exploring this mythology, which is able to provide a rich source of plots and storylines for the TV and video game industries. This not only includes gods such as Thor and Loki, who are popular Marvel figures, but also the god Odin, who rules Valhalla, the hall of slain Norse warriors.

There is no doubt that Viking themes and Norse mythology will continue to feature prominently in TV and video game adaptations thanks to the wide range of storylines afforded by the Viking civilization. The iGaming industry is likely to follow suit by capitalizing on this trend in modern entertainment, by featuring the Viking genre in slot games.

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