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Here’s Why You Should Choose Solar

We are all dealing with the cost of living crisis right now which means we’re looking for ways to cut how much money we spend on our utilities and our bills. While we can’t control the masses when it comes to food shopping, we can look at the way we spend our money in terms of our energy. If there is one thing that is naturally replenishing and great for the environment as well as being freely accessible, it’s the sun.

You can guarantee that it’s going to be there every morning when you wake up and it’s going to go to bed just when you do. The sun has the potential to meet the global daily requirements of energy, as the sun is producing energy all the time, every day, every month of every year. The fact that we are a few billion years off the sun dying also helps, as it tends to look like an unlimited source of energy. So why aren’t most people doing solar panel installation? This inexhaustible fuel source has the potential to do so much more, and it has the reputation of being one of the cleanest power producers as its pollutant free. I suppose that companies cannot monetize the sun, so most energy companies would discourage us from using it. However, the potential of this much power is mind blowing and we’ve got all of the reasons that you can and should use solar energy below.

  • It’s pretty limitless. We usually use coal or petroleum or even natural gas, and none of these things are limitless. They are mined from deposits trapped under layers of rock, and we have miners digging for this every year. Yes, mining does create jobs, but these are fossil fuels and that means that we can exhaust this type of fuel very quickly. It’s not going to be unlimited. The sun, on the other hand, can keep up with the earth’s population expansion and consumption of energy.
  • It’s safe for the environment. Mining causes damage to our planet. The extraction and then the subsequent burning of fossil fuels puts tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere everyday. It’s actually the leading cause of climate change, and this is wreaking havoc with the environment as it is. Climate change can cause extreme weather events and rising sea levels, and this is in addition to the pollutants in the air that we then breathe in. When you install solar panels for your house, you get an uncomplicated installation and as long as it’s installed wherever the sunlight is best captured you’ll be able to fuel your house. You can use it indefinitely without compromising how much it’s available. This means that your granddaughters and your great great granddaughters and your great great great granddaughters will be able to use solar power too.
  • It’s super low maintenance. Did you know that wind and geothermal power are actually quite high maintenance options despite being better for the environment? Solar power is more easily harnessed by anybody, whether they are residents or business owners. Because it’s self sufficient, you can run your panels with minimal maintenance and just use the help of an expert company every now and then to keep it well maintained. There’s no need for complicated rewiring, and they are installed at an angle to capture as much sunlight as possible so that you can ensure that you are able to use your energy limits effectively. PS, there are no real limits.
  • The costs are fixed. There is an initial expenditure for buying and installing solar powered panel systems, and that can feel daunting. There are companies out there that give homeowners the option to rent their solar panel systems. These costs, while daunting, can be recovered overtime because you’re going to save so much money from lower utility bills. If your current bill is a couple of $100 a month, you might be able to cut that completely in half. Anything that pulls normal electricity from the power grid can be used with solar power. The savings start as soon as you switch to a solar powered environment, and as technologies improve the costs will continue to come down. There is a huge demand for clean and green alternative energy sources and this is just one of them.
Solar Panel

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  • You don’t have to worry if the grid goes down. This is actually quite a terrible Lori for people who have medical needs, or who have vulnerabilities in the home or work. If your local power grid shuts out, and you lose electricity to your home, what do you do? Well, with solar power you don’t have to have that worry. If there are any outages and the electricity has to be shut off to deal with repairs, you don’t have to worry because you have solar power to back you up.
  • There are some great tax incentives. Depending on where you are in the world, it’s worth looking at your local government offerings when it comes to solar power. Solar tax credits allow you to deduct quite a big percentage from your annual tax bill so that you get to pay less money in tax. Some States and local companies can also offer rebates and incentives for switching over to solar energy in the first place.
  • It’s an investment. Did you know that many states are offering net metering? Households would then generate more electricity than they can get so they can sell that excess energy back to the power company. So you’ve invested in solar panels, you’re using electricity as you please, and you have an excess amount. This can then be sold back to the grid and that will give you an extra bit of cash in your pocket. These credits can be drawn down when it’s night time and your solar system isn’t producing electricity. Making sure that you have a solar battery to go alongside your solar panels is smart.
  • You can generate electricity anywhere in your home or on your land. Anything that needs energy to run, there is a solar kit for that. Car companies are also jumping on the bandwagon because you’ll see electric vehicles powered with solar on the roads these days.
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