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HDFC Bank launches sonic branding

New musical logo is part of the integrated, national brand campaign Mumbai

HDFC Bank today launched its sonic branding (musical logo) to be used across multiple touch points like ATMs, phone banking, mobile banking app and the website. The objective is to create a distinct brand imagery using music; where the musical logo or MOGO helps form a powerful emotional connect with consumers and recall among stakeholders across platforms.

The MOGO has been created keeping various aspects in mind. One, the core values that HDFC Bank as a brand stands for in the minds of customers and second is the dynamic nature of the business today. HDFC Bank today is known as the premiere digital bank in India built on a solid foundation of trust and reliability over two decades. The digital element signifies the contemporary and youthful quality of the bank, which is constantly adapting to meet the needs and requirements of the target audience.

The musical logo creates a sonic imagery of a brand that’s in tune with the evolution taking place today and changing accordingly, while remaining true to the brand’s core values of operational excellence, customer focus, product leadership, people and sustainability that have stood the test of time.

“The intention is to create an emotional engagement among various stakeholders ranging from a farmer in the rural India to urban city dweller and from a government employee to a corporate one, through the use of sonic branding across platforms,” says Kartik Jain, executive vice president and head, marketing, HDFC Bank. “Above all we wanted to convey the energy and optimism that engulfs us all, a dynamism that is perfectly encapsulated in our new brand essence ‘Everyday Evolution.”

The MOGOSCAPE is inspired by Raag Bilawal expressing innovation and dynamism, and Raag Shudh Kalyan reflecting the caring, humane nature of HDFC Bank. In the MOGOSCAPE, the contemporary western instruments such as the piano and guitar are used along with the sitar, thus creating a wholesome blend of global aspiration and Indian earthiness.

Introduction of sonic branding is part of the integrated, nationwide brand campaign, ‘Har Zaroorat Poori Ho Chutki Mein, Bank Aapki Mutthi Mein’ launched on October 9, this year. Spanning print, radio, digital, outdoor media, automated teller machines (ATMs) and bank branches – the campaign will reinforce the Bank’s position as India’s premier digital bank.

The three-month long campaign delves into HDFC Bank’s products and offerings, from Instant Accounts, 1-click payments, 1-click shopping, 10-second loans, Quick investments, which are all digitally accessible to customers using mobile phones and the internet in order to save time, paperwork and needless hassles such as visiting bank branches. The theme of the campaign is that digital banking is enabling customer convenience as never before

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