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Revolutionizing Navigation: Google Maps Introduces AR Experiences

  • Google Maps introduces AR feature for easier discovery and creation of AR experiences.
  • AR content from select partners will be integrated into Maps’ Street View and Lens.
  • Users can access AR content nearby via “AR Experience” tags in Maps and share it via QR codes.
  • Early access pilot program for exploring AR content in Maps to launch in Singapore and Paris.

Maps is unquestionably one of the best Google apps and navigation applications out there, boasting frequent updates designed to aid electric vehicle (EV) drivers while making sense UI changes; we simply cannot live without this navigation app!

Google I/O developer conference held annually in Mountain View, California saw them unveil an AR feature for Maps that makes creating engaging AR experiences simpler for both developers and creators as well as users to discover them within Google Maps.

Google’s update builds upon their existing ARCore Geospatial API, which enables users to build AR experiences for applications including entertainment, events, local discovery, travel and commerce. Now as part of a pilot program Google will display AR content from “select partners” through Street View and Lens in Maps; thus addressing discoverability concerns head on.

Google recently revealed that when users search a location using Google Maps, if that location contains AR content they will see an “AR Experience” tag if there’s available AR experiences nearby. When near this area they’ll be able to lift up their phone similar to Lens in Maps to access this content while remotely exploring they will still access this same AR experience in Street View.

Have a fantastic AR experience that you want others to check out before visiting? According to Google, users will soon be able to share it through either deep link URLs or QR codes on social media platforms.

Google I/O 2024 saw them announce an early access pilot program of exploring AR content via Maps will launch “later this year” in Singapore and Paris as an early access program, in conjunction with Singapore Tourism Board and Google Arts & Culture to demonstrate real use cases that demonstrate how partners can reach relevant audiences more broadly and quickly.

Geospatial Creator and ARCore now feature updates. Tech giant Adobe Aero has removed its waitlist for Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero, making the tool globally accessible, giving creators around the globe access to start building AR experiences. Furthermore, accuracy in placement of AR elements within reality has also been increased significantly.

On the other hand, ARCore Geospatial API coverage will soon extend into India; tech giant Google plans on providing more details of their Android-first expansion later in 2018.

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