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GE Powers And Propels The Next Generation Of UK Navy Vessels

  • GE Marine has been awarded the contract to supply electrical power and propulsion to the Type 26 Global Combat Ships for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)

  • These vessels will benefit from a robust, low-noise and efficient solution built on GE’s proven naval design

  • GE Marine will utilise its Marine Power Test Facility to provide enhanced testing to help de- risk the programme,  through lifetime training and support

London – One challenge often faced in the marine industry is bringing continual innovation to vessels without sacrificing the reliability of the technology. This is especially true for navy vessels, a space in which GE is proving to be a trustworthy partner that is up to facing the challenge.

Building on GE’s portfolio of proven technology in the naval market, GE Marine is now the chosen supplier to BAE Systems in providing the propulsion motors and drive system for the first three Type 26 Global Combat Ships for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). GE will supply its advanced and reliable electric power and propulsion solution which meets the demanding and varied operational requirements. In particular the equipment will meet a tough shock rating requirement and provide low noise performance.

“Following on from the Type 26 Design, Development and Assessment (DDA) contract awarded to GE last year, we are pleased to continue the collaborative work to deliver a cost-effective power and propulsion system for the programme. Given GE’s track record in equipping vessels with proven naval designs, we have confidence in GE Marine as a reliable partner,” said Geoff Searle, Type 26 Global Combat Ship Programme Director, BAE Systems Naval Ships.

Type 26 Global Combat Ships are multi-mission warships capable of joint and multinational operations across the full spectrum of warfare and defence, including complex combat operations, counter-piracy, and humanitarian and disaster relief work. Designed to be among the most advanced modern combat ships in the world, the Type 26 class is powered and propelled by GE technology.

When equipping the new vessels, GE Marine found the right balance between technological advancement and maintaining the tried and tested robust design that customers expect. Among the many advantages of GE’s system, customers will benefit from an energy-efficient, robust and low noise solution thanks to the use of its advanced anti-vibration technology. The naval design, arc-proof version of GE’s  MV3000 marine converter provides the variable speed drive, enhancing safety, performance and maturity in the power and propulsion system.

GE also plays a significant role in de-risking the programme by testing its power and propulsion system at GE’s Marine Power Test Facility.

Nicholas Smith, Marine Solutions Director, GE Power Conversion said: “Built on the back of our latest products and technology supplied to the Type 45 Destroyers and QE Class aircraft carriers, we are excited to be playing a role in the new generation of combat ships for our long-term partner BAE Systems and the MOD. We are committed to delivering energy efficient electrical power and propulsion solutions that will meet the future of naval capability.”

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