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Decade in the Making: Fujifilm Releases Instax Wide 400

Instax Wide 400
  • Fujifilm has launched the Instax Wide 400, the latest and most advanced model in its instant camera lineup, featuring significant upgrades including a self-timer, new color options, and an angle adjustment tool.
  • The Instax Wide 400, which produces larger 99mm x 62mm photos, will be available from July 12th at £129.99, offering a substantial improvement over the previous Instax Wide 300 model.

Fujifilm has finally updated its largest Instax camera with a new model following a ten-year wait. Announced this morning, the new Fujifilm Instax Wide 400 replaces the previous Instax Wide 300 and adds some significant new features.

The Instax Wide 400 is the latest and largest in Fujifilm’s range of “instant” analog cameras, which deliver photos that develop in around 90 seconds. Shooting in the Instax Wide format, the Instax Wide 400 produces photographs measuring 99mm by 62mm—double the width of the popular Instax Mini format. Fujifilm recommends its Wide film for group shots and landscapes, but the format is ideal for anyone who wants the best-quality instant photos.

The Instax Wide 400 introduces the following new features:

  • Self-timer function
  • New Sage Green colorway
  • New optional color-matched camera case
  • Angle adjustment accessory

With group photos in mind, the new model adds a much-needed self-timer feature (visible in the lead image above), giving the photographer time to move in front of the camera and take part in the photo. The Instax Wide 400 also comes in a new Sage Green colorway, finally bringing a splash of color to the Wide range, previously available only in white (with “toffee” accents) or black color options. Also included is a new camera angle adjustment accessory that Fujifilm claims will help angle the camera correctly without needing a tripod.

Other physical changes include a redesigned camera body with the optical viewfinder repositioned to the right of the camera, level with the shutter release button, rather than on the left, as is the case with the Instax Wide 300. This new positioning places the camera in front of your face while shooting (for right-eye-dominant photographers) rather than awkwardly off to the side.

Otherwise, the new camera retains key features from its predecessor, such as the fixed 95mm focal length and a close-up lens attachment for macro photos at 40cm from the subject.

The Fujifilm Instax Wide 400 will be available from 12 July, with UK pricing set at £129.99. This is a significant increase over the Instax Mini 300, which remains available for £109.99 at the time of writing. The new camera case will be available for £25.99.

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