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ChatGPT’s Free Version Now Equipped with PDF Reading and Analysis Tools

  • ChatGPT now analyzes PDFs, provides summaries, and answers queries from uploaded documents.
  • ChatGPT Edu offers advanced AI capabilities tailored for educational use, emphasizing privacy and customization for universities.

ChatGPT will now assist users to summarize, analyse, and read long PDF documents using the recently updated version of its free software. An update enabled the chatbot of OpenAI to read images, documents, and even photos.

OpenAI has recently updated the ChatGPT, a free application. ChatGPT to enable AI tools available for “as many as possible.” The latest features were released in May at the same as GPT-4o was made available.

According to the reports according to reports, the newest ChatGPT that analyzes PDFs and produces content that is text-based, address all questions that users might ask about the document and provide much more succinct and clear reports.

This new feature is accessible by pressing the tiny paper clip icon that is located on left of the entry field. After clicking the icon, users is presented with three options uploading from the PC or connect with Google Drive, and Connect to Microsoft OneDrive. The user can choose the one that is most appropriate, and then send the PDF file to examination.

The article will be sent to the chatbot’s assistant. Customers might ask for more information, like, “Could you sum up this article for me?” Or, they can request for more involvement like asking the bot to arrange any items of action in an email, and then divide them.

ChatGPT Edu

In the meantime, as OpenAI continues to improve ChatGPT and add more AI tools are being made accessible to different users. Recently, OpenAI also released a updated version of ChatGPT specifically designed for universities and universities, named ChatGPT Edu. The version offers advanced functionality that can be used in educational settings and provides access to the latest AI models.

ChatGPT Edu will be useful to students of all disciplines because it can be customized in accordance with specific goals or topics. The advanced GPT-4o model is the basis for OpenAI’s latest product.

The new version performs far better than previous versions with improved ability and speed in processing various kinds of data which includes coding and arithmetic. The limit on messages is considerably higher than ChatGPT’s basic version. The range of features offered by ChatGPT Edu is a significant advantage.

Universities and AI

OpenAI states that colleges are able to use their data to change the structure of their model in order to satisfy particular needs. This allows the colleges to concentrate on specific fields that relate to the institution’s educational context.

A language school can program the chatbot so that it can have conversations with students to help them in learning and practicing an additional language. The importance on privacy ChatGPT Edu puts on is an significant aspect. OpenAI assures users that the information that is handled by this application will not be used to create openly accessible models.

It’s fascinating to see that some schools used ChatGPT in the past, but they were still using it in the “Enterprise” version. This was the reason that resulted in OpenAI to design ChatGPT Edu, a specialized application with more capabilities specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the academic environment.

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