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Franchising Is the Way Forward for Online Casino Studios

Franchising Is the Way Forward for Online Casino Studios

In the booming world of online casinos, it’s getting harder for single games to stand out in crowded lists of slots. Players gravitate towards brands and mechanics that they recognize, with many other titles failing to match up to the big guns.

It’s clear that franchising successful products and expanding into game series is the current best approach for studios in the iGaming sector. The Megaways engine and the Age of the Gods series are both examples of what other developers should seek to accomplish.

Megaways Engine Prime Example of Successful Franchising

Innovation has always been key in the casino market. When you look through the mix of slots and games, you’ll find loads of developers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. For instance, there are titles like Dragon Bonanza Gold Hit and Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch that are trying to bring new game mechanics into the mainstream.

These titles follow on from the success of Megaways, a genius invention from Big Time Gaming. The Australian company created a new game mechanic in 2015 that allowed for more than 100,000 win lines. It was an overwhelming success, and players were desperate for more titles that included it. This led BGT to franchise the mechanic to other studios that could use it in their games.

Now, one way for a title to instantly stand out to players in busy lists of games is for it to have the Megaways name attached. These include titles like NFT Megaways, Primal Megaways, and Atlantis Megaways. Smaller studios either need to jump on the Megaways trend and offer their own games with the engine, or they need to try to develop a new mechanic that could go on to enjoy similar success.

Slot Games Now Expanding Into Series and Related Games

Another model that is almost a guarantee for success in the modern entertainment industry is to expand into a series. Just look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Star Wars universe, which both now encompass countless movies and television series. By creating more related content, these franchises stand a much better chance of reaching larger audiences.

Franchising Is the Way Forward for Online Casino Studios

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The same thing can be said for games in the slots market. One of the most famous games in the industry is Age of the Gods, and it has reached this stature thanks to being part of an ever-expanding series. The games from Playtech draw on the massive popularity of ancient Greek themes in the mainstream, but they also provide variety for players. For instance, there’s Age of the Gods: King of Olympus, Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom, and Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin. The games have even branched out into Norse-themed offerings, along with an Age of the Gods Roulette option.

Among the thousands of games that online casino players have to choose from, standalone titles have less chance of getting noticed than ever before. It’s clear that getting attached to well-known brands or releasing games as a series are two of the best methods for success in the industry.

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