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Ericsson Imagine Possible Perspectives: How Connectivity Can Change The World

  • New Ericsson digital experience outlines likely major trends towards 2030
  • Education, entertainment, enterprise and sustainability among the areas to benefit
  • Includes contributions from the Institute of the Future and the GSMA

What can be achieved in just eight years? A new Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) digital experience addresses how 5G and next-generation connectivity could make things that may be beyond our imagination today into everyday realities by 2030.

Ericsson Imagine Possible Perspectives identifies five key areas likely to impact the way we work and live through limitless connectivity: hybrid learning, digital twins, holographic communication, achieving Net Zero emissions, and immersive entertainment.

Ericsson is already helping to make them happen with a broad early track record in pioneering solutions and deployments. This includes driving Ericsson’s own Net Zero targets through the in-house roll-out of Ericsson products and offerings.

Ericsson Imagine Possible Perspectives outlines the potential for communications service providers (CSPs) and ecosystem partners in each area through existing use-cases, visionary scenarios, insights and innovation success.

Carmel Coscia, Head of Global Integrated Marketing, Ericsson, says: “Not too long-ago people could not have imagined a world with instant access to endless streamed music or huge movie catalogues on the move. Those are just some of the things that were enabled by 4G. So, imagine what may be possible with 5G and beyond, and the next big use cases that we will all embrace.”

Other contributors

The Ericsson Imagine Possible Perspectives’ section on Forces That Shape Our Future includes an article by the Institute for the Future that considers post-Covid 19 pandemic scenarios for ICT growth and social transformation.

Ericsson Imagine Possible Perspectives’ section on Delivering Net Zero features an interview with Steve Moore, Head of Climate Action at the GSMA, addressing the role of the ICT industry in achieving the 1.5°C ambition set by the Paris Agreement.

The mobile industry can help address the climate crisis in two ways: by rapidly decarbonizing as a sector and by helping other sectors to reduce emissions through smart, connected technology.

Source: Ericsson

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