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Different Types of Sexual Assault Charges in the US

Sexual Assault

What is sexual assault?

Generally, rape, sexual crimes, and all forms of sexual crimes are known as sexual assault. But there is a wide range of crimes that fall under the category of sexual assault. Under the California Penal Code of Section 243.4, sexual assault is defined as touching someone’s genitals or intimate parts against the will of that person with the intent to initiate sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse. This could include groping, kissing, rubbing oneself against the other person, and forceful touching against someone. All these activities are of a sexual kind and are considered inappropriate. The term sexual assault is kept broad because it could include a lot of different behavior that could include unexpressed consent. It’s not just forced sexual intercourse, incest, forcible sodomy, fondling, child molestation, and rape.

Repercussions of sexual assault charges

Sexual assault is a serious crime, and the allegations of sexual assault could have serious repercussions. When it comes to filing sexual assault charges, there is an operative word “Intent” that is used within the law to signify the actual crime. For instance, if someone just brushes past you and by doing so, he or she accidentally touches the intimate parts of your body, then it wouldn’t be considered sexual assault. But if the victim has experienced forceful or intentional touching then it is definitely sexual assault. Now sexual assault is a very serious crime and the allegation of such a crime could ruin the reputation of anyone for many years. Even if the criminal has spent time in jail, the sexual assault conviction can keep on hanging on that person’s head for the rest of his/her life. This happens because the record of this crime is made available to the public. If a person hasn’t committed the crime of sexual assault in any capacity, then it is best to get a skilled lawyer who knows how to handle the case and get the sexual assault charge dropped. By hiring a good lawyer, one has the chance to clear his or her name and continue with the reputation that was attempted to tarnish by someone.

The most common type of sexual assault crime in the US

All types of sex crimes are illegal in the US, thus, whoever commits them had to be punished by the law. Here is some information regarding the common type of sexual assaults in the US.


Rape is one of the most common types of sexual assault. Rape happens when a person physically forces himself or herself on someone else and has intercourse with that person. But under the new laws, if there is no use of physical violence but mental torture or keeping someone under duress to involve in a penetrative sexual activity, then it would be considered rape. In short, when consent is not given then the act of sexual intercourse is considered sexual assault.

Another thing that is kept in mind is that the act of rape happens between any two people, but it doesn’t include the married couple. In a married couple, sexual intercourse can have different meanings and it is a different category that doesn’t concern the crime of sexual assault.

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