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Costa’s Iced Drinks Get Deliciously Decadent

Iced Cold Costa range gets a luxurious makeover

– Costa Coffee launches new range of iced drinks across all 88UAE outlets

– Two exciting iced drink collections to hit Costa UAE outlets this summer

Dubai, UAE – June 21st, 2012: Costa has given its cold drinks range a luxurious makeover for summer 2012. Capturing the smooth, rich taste of its hot drinks range, it has added a dash of style and luxury to give an indulgent experience, whatever the weather.

Costa’s new Iced Cold range sees baristas hand craft a glamorous and refreshing drink using new and improved recipes. Providing a burst of refreshment in the morning, a reviving thirst-quencher in the middle of the day or a sweet and smooth boost in the afternoon, the new range of Iced Coffees and Iced Lemonades complements Costa’s existing range of cold drinks to offer something to suit all moods at any time of year.

Costa’s new range of refreshing Iced Coffees includes Iced Cappuccinos, Iced Lattes, Iced Café Mochas and Iced Americano Espresso all created using Costa’s famous Mocha Italia blend. Customers will enjoy creating their own style of Iced Cold drink by selecting from a range of regular and sugar free varieties of Vanilla, Caramel, and our new Roasted Hazelnut syrups. As well as a new recipe, the drinks have a stylish new look: layers of rich coffee, milk, ice and served in a bespoke tall glass, creating the look of an ice-cream sundae.

Costa lovers will enjoy the same delicious Costa products as always, but with a series of new twists that have been designed to take the well-loved Iced Coffee range into a new era.

Eric Hughes, General Manager, Costa Coffee UAE, explains: “Our new Iced Coffee range still contains the same premium Mocha Italia blend coffee our clients know and love, but with a number of exciting updates. We recognise that Costa customers are among the most discerning and fashion forward in the market, and we are confident that this new range will respond to their discriminating tastes and high standards.       

“Perhaps the most striking difference is our new line of glassware. Elegant, sophisticated and stylish, these glasses have been designed to showcase the premium layers of flavour that go into each drink. Not only will the range look delicious, it will taste delicious. Our baristas – some of the best and most passionate in the business – have been training for weeks to perfect these new recipes and ensure our customers won’t be disappointed.”The lemonades too have been designed with satisfaction and refreshment in mind.

Available in Classic Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade and Mint Lemonade flavours, each drink is made fresh and blended to order and contains the perfect amount of zingy lemon, making it the ideal drink to enjoy when you need a cool and invigorating pick me up.

These add to Costa’s existing extensive range of cold drinks:

– Fruit Cooler – real fruit refreshment, ice-blended, with a choice of Mango & Passion Fruit, Red Berry, and NEW Orange and Raspberry.

– Coffee Cooler – a blend of sweet, rich iced coffee. Flavours include Coffee, Coffee Caramel, Vanilla, Roasted Hazelnut and Coffee Mocha.

Creamy Coolers – creamy, indulgent, iced blended drinks in Simply Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry Cream flavour.

– Iced Tea – feel good refreshment in Raspberry and Peach flavours with real tea extract and Costa Iced Tea to provide thirst-quenching refreshment on a summer’s day.

Costa Lovers who enjoy a cool treat beyond the summer months can look forward to the introduction of a delicious new Fruit Cooler flavour – Orange and Raspberry – which launched this month and will be available throughout the year.

As always all Costa drinks are created by a trained Costa Barista and made to order.


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