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Core Body Temperature, The New Key Changer In Sports

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Leading sports stars have become more efficient in performance, more aerodynamic, and faster by pushing their bodies beyond limits. Due to its competitive nature, the world of sports has been evolving each year at a staggering pace, with tremendous advances over the last few decades. Not only in techniques of training and nutritional strategies that allow athletes to improve results, but also in technology and research. 

Consequently, this rapid growth and improvement, lead to a considerable advance in innovative technology. Sports stars now can monitor their body metrics and use training analytics, to create accurate strategies for improving sportive results.

Tracking body metrics like heart rate variability (HRV) and the core body temperature is a must and possible in today’s training analytics. Regarding the second one, many core body temp opinions that suggest conventional methods to measure body temp were impractical for daily use. Before the advances in the area, the athlete needed to take a rectal probe with a wire or take an e-pill that will transmit via radio the temperature from the insides. The most significant issues about these methods are the fact that they are expensive or limited to a single use, and can be riskier.

Why is it Important to Measure Body Temperature?

The measurement of the core body temperature is significant, this way an athlete can know how much heat the body can generate or get rid of, as well as how fast. The core body temperature is a key indicator of an athlete’s health and performance. It can tell you about the internal organs, and how well your body is functioning.

Your core temperature changes depending on the environmental conditions and your activity. A good deal of research in the sports science field has found that constantly tracking core temperatures lead to an improvement in gains or losses (depending on the goal) during training. Moreover, it can help you stay more hydrated in a competition when to take a break or train harder, leading to an obvious increase in performance, and avoiding heat stress.

The Core measurement wearable, it’s not only useful for teams and star athletes. But it can also be used for indoor training where overheating is an issue and has a direct impact on performance.

Advances in the Field of Body Temperature Measurement

The advances in the last decade around body temp measurement are crucial to performance in a wide range of sports, decreasing the use of rectal probes or electronic pills. Currently, coaches all over the world are measuring athletes’ core body temp with sensors on wearable tech, it’s reusable, and the data is measured in real-time.

The Core Body Temp sends the data to a Garmin or iOS device. Resulting in one of the first devices that continuously and accurately measure the core body temperature. The adoption started, and Core in the last few years in well-known competitions, such as the Tour of France that took place in the past summer. Furthermore, there are now three teams in the Giro, using the device, definitely, more athletes will be using this key tech device.

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