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Comcast Business Integrates Starlink for Superior Satellite Connectivity

  • Comcast Business partners with Starlink to enhance connectivity for enterprise customers in underserved regions.
  • The collaboration adds fast, reliable satellite solutions to Comcast’s Managed Connectivity portfolio.
  • It addresses geographic and reliability challenges, increasing network redundancy for enterprises.
  • Starlink’s LEO satellite technology complements Comcast’s existing infrastructure.
  • The partnership underscores Starlink’s role in modern enterprise networks.
  • Who said it takes love to make the world go around? In todays day and age it is a stable internet service !!

Comcast Business recently entered into an alliance agreement with Starlink, the market leader in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology, to offer connectivity solutions to enterprise customers of Comcast Business. Through this collaboration, advanced satellite capabilities in Comcast’s Managed Connectivity portfolio enable fast and reliable connectivity that supports various business applications for enterprise customers in underserved regions – supporting an array of enterprise applications for fast business success.

Enterprises that operate multiple, dispersed locations face specific connectivity hurdles that traditional networks don’t reach, such as geographic limitations and reliability concerns. Comcast Business’s collaboration with Starlink will meet this demand for reliable managed connectivity as well as provide innovative solutions that increase network redundancy for such enterprises.

“As the first major network provider to collaborate with Starlink, we’re excited to uniquely enhance our extensive managed connectivity portfolio with advanced satellite capabilities to better serve our enterprise customers,” said Jon Friedman, Sr. Vice President, Product Strategy and Operations, Comcast Business. “Starlink’s LEO satellite technology complements our existing network infrastructure, extends our reach and further enhances Comcast Business’ ability to deliver reliable connectivity solutions to enterprises with a human touch.”

Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation to utilize low Earth orbit to provide broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, gaming, video calls and more. Utilizing advanced satellites and user hardware along with deep experience operating spacecraft and on-orbit operations enables Starlink to offer its high-speed service directly to users.

“Starlink is excited to work with Comcast Business to deliver reliable connectivity to customers,” said Jason Fritch, Vice President of Starlink Enterprise Sales at SpaceX. “This agreement with a leading service provider is an acknowledgement of Starlink’s growing role as a critical element in modern enterprise networks.”

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