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Clean Electric Launches 12-Minute Charge Battery, Redefining EV Standards

Clean Electric
  • Clean Electric’s new battery tech fully charges EVs in 12 minutes using CCS 2 DC standards.
  • The technology ensures minimal degradation and is backed by patents and industry partnerships.

Clean Electric, one of the leading developers of XFC battery technology for electric vehicles, recently unveiled an incredible rapid recharging battery technology capable of fully charging electric vehicles within 12 minutes – representing an enormous leap forward when considering typical charging times of 60-120 minutes for such vehicles.

The company’s proprietary battery technology utilizes universal CCS 2 DC charging standards, making its batteries compatible across all electric vehicle (EV) form factors and serving as a game-changer in the industry. Tested over 3700 rapid charge cycles without experiencing even 11% degradation across its range, these fireproof batteries had only 11% range degradation over their lifespan! They are manufactured at their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Pune that has capacity to produce 1200 battery packs monthly according to company media releases.

Clean Electric’s groundbreaking technology has been under development for four years and backed by four granted domestic and US patents. Their groundbreaking battery architectures feature numerous industry-first features like direct contact liquid cooling (DCLC) for large battery systems; self-contained adaptive active liquid cooling (SCALC) for two and three wheel electric vehicle batteries; as well as integrated cell to pack (CTP) battery architecture which features intrinsically safe batteries to reduce thermal runaway risk while offering fast charging with higher packaging efficiency for increased range without degradation of performance over time.

Current partnerships of this company with leading EV OEMs from across e-car, e-2W and e-3W categories as well as established startups have allowed it to address major roadblocks to mass adoption of electric vehicles such as fire hazards caused by overcharging (minimum of one hour charging time per battery charge), limited range (200-300km). A press release explained.

Clean Electric recently held an exciting live demonstration in Pune featuring their 2.2kWh e-2W and 12.5kWh e-3W batteries, charging from zero to 80% SOC in less than 10 minutes at constant 5C charge rate using BIS approved Type 6, Bharat DC-001 charger and CCS 2 DC Public Charger; making this vehicle world’s fastest charging production EV!

Clean Electric was established by Akash Gupta, Abhinav Roy & Ankit Joshi in 2020 to develop, manufacture, and supply advanced energy storage solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and grid applications. Since their founding they have created advanced liquid-cooled battery solutions suitable for 2 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, eCars and Grid Storage applications; with sustainable innovation at their core the aim is to accelerate transition towards green electric mobility.

Ankit Joshi, Chief Product Officer at Clean Electric stated, “This is a revolutionary moment for all of us at Clean Electric, our proprietary 12-minute charging technology sets a new global standard that will drive the EV industry forward. Committed to sustainability, we strive to democratize RAPID Charging for EVs coupled with long battery life, reducing environmental impact and shaping the future of electric vehicles.”

“Clean Electric plans to introduce Gen 3 batteries next fiscal year, enabling affordable, high-energy density batteries to take rapid charging to the masses,”he further added.

“We support Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji audacious vision to stop the production of new fossil fuel based combustion engine vehicle by 2034, I firmly believe Clean Electric will be the strongest catalyst in the ev-ecosystem to enable shift to renewable energy powered electric vehicle, also we need to add “Design in India” to the narrative of “Make in India” and make India technology powerhouse globally for other country to follow India’s footsteps/ successful scalable models/ solutions to benefit human mankind” added Akash Gupta, Co-Founder at Clean Electric.

Clean Electric secured USD 2.2 Million from Kalaari Capital as seed funding in October 2022 for energy storage solutions such as e-2W, e-3W and grid storage systems; while also setting up their manufacturing facility in Pune to produce 1200+ battery packs per month.

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