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Citi Retail Services Expands Embedded Payment Capabilities with Citi Pay

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As a leader in U.S. payments, Citi Retail Services, one of North America’s largest and most experienced retail payments and credit solution providers, is expanding its embedded payments strategy with its suite of Citi Pay® products. Designed with customers and merchants in mind, the new family of products will deliver a digital-first, consumer finance journey in partner checkout processes.

According to a recent Citi® study, 85% of Americans surveyed agree that retailers need to have flexible payment options for consumers to use at checkout.

Citi Pay payment products can quickly integrate into participating retail partners’ existing payment platforms and can provide customers with more payment options including revolving lines of credit, installment loans and more.

“Citi Pay products enable us to move at the speed of retail and position us at the digital intersection space of merchants and customers,” said Kartik Mani, CEO of Citi Retail Services and Global Head of Connected Commerce. “This is our next step forward in the evolution of trusted payments solutions which puts customers in control of how they want to finance their purchases and offers merchants more opportunity to drive sales of greater value.”

The first Citi Pay product is now available: Citi Pay® Credit. Citi Pay Credit is a digital-only credit card and dedicated line of credit for customers to make purchases at participating retailers that offer Citi Pay Credit. Highlights of Citi Pay Credit include:

  • Independent line of credit: Citi Pay Credit provides a new credit line that is separate from the Citi® credit cards that customers may already have in their wallets. It allows customers to be intentional when making large or unexpected purchases at participating retail partners.
  • Promotional rate financing: Citi Pay Credit allows participating retail partners to offer their customers promotional financing. Additionally, customers can opt for a major purchase plan based on what the retailer offers.
  • Real-time approval: Customers interested in Citi Pay Credit can apply for it directly within the checkout process at participating retailers, prior to the completion of their purchase, and receive a real-time credit and authorization decision.

In the coming months, Citi Pay® Installment Loan will be introduced, enabling consumers to pay through a monthly installment loan at participating retailers offering the payment solution, backed by the trust and security of Citi. Customers will have the option to pay the full purchase amount in equal, consistent payments over a period of 6 to 60 months based on the retailer.

“We are thrilled to continue to provide customers and merchants with secure, flexible payment options and further our commitment to point-of-sale lending through the launch of our Citi Pay products,” said Terry O’Neil, Head of Connected Commerce and Strategic Growth Initiatives for Citi Retail Services. “We will expand our Citi Pay offerings over the next several years with new products and capabilities designed with the merchant community and customers in mind.”

Citi Pay Credit and Citi Pay Installment Loan are just the start of what is to come as the business looks forward to the opportunities and sustained long-term relationships Citi Pay opens for Citi, its merchant relationships and customers.

Source: Citi Group

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