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CBA Launches Mobile SIM Plans

Mobile SIM Plans

To support millions of Aussies with the cost of living and help them manage their essential and ongoing expenses, Commonwealth Bank and its partner, local telecom provider More, are now offering retail and business customers discounted 4G and 5G mobile SIM plans.

All CBA retail customers who sign up to More using a CBA credit or debit card as their online bill payment method are eligible to receive 30 per cent off More mobile SIM plans for the first 12 months, and a 10 per cent ongoing discount off their mobile plan if they choose to stay with More. With the CBA discount applied, the plans are among the cheapest in market including a 60GB 5G plan for $42.00 per month for the first 12 months (RRP $60 p/month).

Eligible Australian businesses will also be able to receive 30 per cent off More mobile SIM plans for the first 12 months*.

It comes as new research commissioned by CBA revealed Aussies are on the lookout for a better deal, with almost three in four (71 per cent) feeling that their mobile plan is an unavoidable expense. It also found almost half (45 per cent) are looking to save money on their mobile plan to help with cost of living, and almost two thirds (60 per cent) would change their plan if they found a cheaper offer.

Customers who sign up to More mobile have six competitive post-paid mobile plans to choose from with no lock-in contracts.

CBA General Manager Strategy and Sustainability, Ben Morgan, said: “We know people are looking more carefully at their bills and expenses, and the bank is constantly looking beyond traditional banking services to help both retail and business customers manage their finances and give them access to quality products and services that put money back in their pockets.

“In addition to great offers on mobile services, the bank has number of other ways it is helping customers’ save on utilities and essential costs. This includes: discounted nbn through More; renewable energy offers through its partner Amber electric; fuel savings through a new feature in the CommBank app in NSW called Fuel Finder; and grocery, food and fuel cashback offers through CommBank Rewards and shopping partners such as Little Birdie,” he said.

The research also found that two thirds of Aussies haven’t changed their mobile plan in over two years, however almost half (46 per cent) are now considering switching providers to save money. Respondents also said that switching mobile is the easiest utility to switch (57 per cent) compared to internet (52 per cent) and gas and electricity (50 per cent), and even easier than switching their gym membership (41 per cent).

More CEO, Andrew Branson, said: “We’re so excited to continue offering great deals and discounts to millions of Australians through our partnership with CBA. With many Australians looking closely at their weekly and monthly budgets at additional ways they can save, and we have the ability to actually help reduce costs on items that families can’t live without.”

Recently, CBA offered More mobile SIM cards to its customers in select branches in NSW and Vic throughout September as part of a pilot program.

“It’s another way we are making this offer available to many of our customers who can benefit from this, including families with school-aged kids, younger Aussies and students, older Australians, small business owners, and those new to country, who need affordable yet reliable coverage, with no lock-in commitment,” Morgan continued.

Tips from Andrew Branson when considering a new mobile plan:

  • Check your contract term: Around this time of year, many people will be coming to the end of their 12 or 24-month lock-in contracts. Now is the perfect time to check when your contract ends. At this time, consider whether switching to a cheaper month-to-month or no lock-in contract — like the ones available through More — might be suitable for you.
  • Consider buying the hardware outright: The CBA research revealed that 74 per cent of respondents would prefer to buy their phones outright, and the majority have done so previously (71 per cent), meaning that customers can quickly and easily switch to more affordable plans. If you’re in the market for a new handset, consider buying it outright or unlocking your phone so you can move to a different network or provider. While you’ll need to weigh up the upfront cost of the hardware, there are often better mobile network or service deals out there that will save you money in the long term, and reduce your bills month-to-month.
  • You can keep your mobile number: One of the biggest barriers to switching mobile providers is the idea that you’ll lose your number. This just isn’t true. Service providers are required to port or transfer your mobile phone number if you request it. Just make sure when you’re signing up to a new provider, you don’t cancel your old plan until your new plan is activated – simple as that.

Discounted mobile SIM only plans are the latest in a suite of offers through the bank’s partnership with More. The existing More offers available to CBA retail and business customers include1:

  • All CBA retail customers who sign up to More using a CBA credit or debit card as their online bill payment method are eligible to receive 30 per cent off a Standard nbn plan for the first 12 months, and a 10 per cent ongoing discount off their plan if they choose to stay with More;
  • Eligible business customers are able to receive 30 per cent off the retail price of business mobile, phone and nbn plans for 12 months. Business customers who sign up for an nbn plan on a 24-month contract will also receive a free nbn modem^; and,
  • Eligible conditionally pre-approved home loan customers have access to a free XL Speed Boost nbn plan for three years, which could save eligible homeowners over $2,700 over this period.

Source: Commonwealth Bank

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