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Card Control: All Bank Cards under Control with a Single App

  1. adjusting limits of bank cards via smart phone

  2. credit card functions can be reset on one’s own

  3. “Watchdog” provides information about transactions

A new app by Erste Bank und Sparkassen: With immediate effect, “CardControl” is available for download in iOS and Android app stores. The app can be used to control all bank cards in a simple manner: Raising limits, activation or deactivation of payment methods. With that, one’s cards can be flexibly adjusted and controlled, depending on requirements. 

Suddenly, a shopping bill turns out to be higher than the limit set on one’s ATM or credit card? With the new app CardControl this no longer represents an obstacle for customers of Erste Bank und Sparkassen. With the tap of a finger, limits can be checked and altered without delay.

“With CardControl we want to give our customers strong assurance that they are fully in charge of their cards at all times. With that we are facilitating and improving an important part of our everyday interaction with money in a concrete manner”, explains Boris Marte, head of the Innovation Hub at Erste Bank

In addition to this, a card’s functions can be reviewed and reset if desired: Reordering of ATM cards or a deactivation of “Geo-Control” are possible with the app. Credit cards can be unlocked in three individual areas: Payment in shops, the possibility of cash withdrawals, or payment on the internet. If one or more of these functions are not desired, card owners can deactivate them on their own – and if required, simply reactivate them. Moreover, the SMS service for credit cards can be adjusted, in order to receive a message containing the amount and time of payErstement for every transaction to the telephone number on file. With “Watchdog”, so-called push messages are activated, which are relayed to one’s smart phone either for every transaction, or only for predetermined amounts or posting texts. Anyone who wishes to alter the payment modalities of his or her credit card, can do this with CardControl as well: If desired, one can choose either total or partial payments with the app on one’s own. If one’s card actually gets lost one day, it can be blocked and reordered in an uncomplicated manner.

The initial and further development of our digital products is focused on their usefulness for customers. CardControl currently remains a project open to proposals for improvements at, the co-creation platform of Erste Bank und Sparkassen. Users can report their feedback or ideas for CardControl and thus contribute to further development of the app.

The CardControl app is part of a clear mobile strategy adopted by Erste Bank: For concrete and relevant areas of application, specific apps suitable for everyday use are made available, which accompany our customers in all things financial in the digital sphere, making them both easier and improving them. In recent years several apps have been launched, such as e.g. Wechstelstube (“exchange rate office”) for foreign currency orders while on the road, or Hilfreich (“helpful”), a donations app for the most innovative way of doing good.

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