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Can you optimize old pages on your website for SEO?


It can be hard to analyze your page traffic and conclude that some content needs to be more engaging in order to rank in search engines. But don’t panic – all is not lost. Several tools and strategies can help to boost your web traffic.

SEO performance is influenced by several factors, such as website design and content creation. But can old pages on your website be optimized for SEO? We have the answer: yes, you can! In this article we’ll see how,  and examine the benefits of a strong on-page SEO strategy.

What is SEO?

Ranking higher and standing out among similar businesses  on Google Search requires hard work and multiple SEO techniques.

Successful SEO is divided into three basic pillars:

  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • technical SEO

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO encompasses all the strategies used to optimize a page, from content and keywords (in the title, images and subtitle) to information architecture (meta-tags, internal linking and URLs).

Other elements are included in on-page SEO, such as:

  • Site speed
  • Page URLs
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile Responsiveness

Everything should be structured to gain the audience’s trust and make sure they come back to your website.

Off-page  SEO

While On-page SEO includes everything done on a website to improve its traffic and Google ranking, Off-page SEO includes  everything done outside the website to achieve the same goal.

Google is always improving the results displayed to its users, so high-quality content and smart, original posts are the best way to stand out to Google bots.

Make sure your content addresses the needs of your customer. What do they want to know? What do they need? What keywords are they searching for? If you can answer these questions, then your content is on the right track!

Common Off-page SEO activities include:

One of the most important considerations for Google is whether your website can be trusted. One way to prove this is to address your  site’s off-site reputation (also known as Reputation Research).

Reputation Research includes online reviews, recommendations from experts, as well as mentions on authoritative news sites and Wikipedia.

Technical SEO

Some people consider technical SEO to be a part of on-page SEO, which makes sense. It covers the behind-the-scenes SEO of your website, including crawling and indexing. Technical SEO is all about User Experience, and its elements include:

  • Indexation
  • Crawl Budget
  • Site speed
  • Site architecture
  • Redirects
  • Accessibility
  • Structured markups

Can you optimize old pages on your website for SEO?

As you can imagine, on-page strategies are always changing. Using and improving your website’s pages is essential to staying relevant on search engines. But how can you optimize old pages on your website for SEO?

Optimizing old pages for SEO can help improve your website’s overall search engine ranking and visibility, which can lead to increased traffic, engagement and ultimately conversions.

Here are some steps you can take to optimize your old pages for SEO:

1- First, review your web pages to identify those that are outdated, have low traffic or low engagement

2- That done, update the content. Include recent data and facts which may be of interest to the target audience.

3- Optimize on-page SEO elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and keywords.

4- Add internal links to other pages, to capitalize on their reputation, help users navigate your site and improve your website’s structure.

5- Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

6- Keep monitoring your progress and adapt your strategy as required.

Improving your SEO should be top priority. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do so, get in touch with experts who can help you in this area.

Now you know the answer to the question “Can you optimize old pages on your website for SEO?”, what are you waiting for to stand out using SEO Techniques?

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