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Buying a car in Dubai: is the game worth the candle?

Buying a car in Dubai: is the game worth the candle?

Once in Dubai, you can’t help but access this automotive luxury. And having moved to this city, it’s impossible to resist buying your own iron horse.

Сars in the UAE are often cheaper than in Europe or the United States, and the cost of gasoline and maintenance in this country is also quite inexpensive. Moreover, many dealers in Dubai offer a wide range of both new and used vehicles in perfect condition.

Although buying a car in Dubai is a quick and uncomplicated procedure, there are still some nuances to note. This article will help you learn more about the intricacies of the purchase, insurance, and registration process.

New vs. used car?

As we said, even new cars in the UAE are usually cheaper than in other countries, and used ones cost even lower. Since the flow of nonresident aliens in Dubai is very high, you will find that there are really good deals for cars in an ideal state. Expats, like many businessmen in Dubai, come and go, some have to leave the Emirates urgently, so they strive to sell their car as quickly as possible, offering truly attractive prices.

If you want an exclusively new car, then you can address many dealers representing major Japanese and American brands, and the cost of the car here will be significantly lower than the amount you would have paid for the same car in Europe or the USA.

When buying a car, dealerships usually cover all registration formalities. This, of course, is the main reason for buying a new car. Please, note, that if you buy a car from the salon, then it is important to take a test drive without buying a car at random. Often, just a test drive is not enough, so you can rent a car in Dubai to test a certain model properly.

The best time to buy an automobile is summer. At this time, the market is full of special offers and promotions.

Used Cars

Who should you contact when buying a used car?

You can buy a used car either directly from the owner or through large or small car dealerships.

If you are buying a relatively new car (less than 5 years old), then it makes sense to buy it directly from the owner. In most cases, the same car from a dealer will cost 20-30% more. However, the dealer can offer additional services for this amount, such as after-sales service.

If you decide to buy a car directly from the owner, you need to make sure that he hasn’t done anything that would void the warranty (in Dubai, a 5-year warranty applies to buying a car). This includes regular service from outside agencies, inconsistent tuning, etc. Therefore, after you have agreed on the price with the owner, you need to deliver the car to the salon where it was bought new, and make sure that the warranty is valid and must be transferred to the new owner.

To transfer ownership, you and the previous owner will need to contact the Dubai Road Transport Authority and fill out an application, as well as present a car registration card, insurance, proof of debts absence, car license plate, and a report on the passed technical inspection (for cars over 2 years old). Both you and the seller must have a passport, residence permit, and local driving license.

Used cars in Dubai can also be bought at auctions. The advantage of such a purchase is an attractive price. However, there are also pitfalls. The auction doesn’t bear any responsibility for the condition, availability of documents on the car.

Other well-known auction platforms where you can buy cars are Copart, Emirates Auction, and Emirates Transport

Buying a car in Dubai

Tips for buying a car in Dubai

  • Consider resale value. The reputation of the brand of chosen vehicle in the local market greatly affects its resale value. In Dubai, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Porsche, and Ford are appreciated. Korean brands, on the contrary, are rapidly falling in price.
  • Look for great deals. You can agree with most car dealers that the price includes warranty service for 3 years, insurance for at least 1 year, etc. There are a lot of dealers in Dubai, so you will definitely find an advantageous offer.
  • If you want to save money, go for last year’s models. Currently, dealers are trying to get rid of old stocks as quickly as possible, especially if a new car model has come out. Therefore, when buying an older model, you can count on a good price.
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