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Brewing Change: Costa’s Plant-Powered Fusion with BOSH!

  • Costa Coffee and BOSH! launch a diverse range of over 2,600 plant-based sweet and savoury products across the UK, aiming to make plant-based eating more accessible on-the-go for vegans, flexitarians, and those reducing meat intake.
  • The collaboration focuses on addressing the challenges faced by individuals attempting plant-based diets, particularly during Veganuary, offering a variety of options such as the Plant-Based Smashin’ Sausage Bap, Plant-Based Saucy Chicken Fajita Wrap, Caramelised Biscuit Rocky Road, and Double Chocolate Cookie.
  • The introduction of “delish-etarian” emphasizes catering to plant-based conscious individuals, highlighting Costa Coffee and BOSH!’s commitment to providing delicious and sustainable plant-based choices for a wide range of customers.

Costa Coffee, the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop* and BOSH!, the plant-based culinary sensation, have launched a delicious range of plant-based savoury and sweet products as part of their collaboration. Available in over 2,600 Costa Coffee stores across the United Kingdom, the range is set to revolutionise how people can conveniently access plant-based food options on-the-go – great for not only vegans, but flexitarians and those who are looking to reduce their meat intake.

Convenience Meets Conscious Choices

Costa Coffee is supporting BOSH!’s mission to make plant-based eating more accessible, whether cooking at home or eating out and on-the-go – putting more plants on plates. Recognising the barriers faced by those who tried to go plant-based for Veganuary in 2023, where 29% reported eating out to be the biggest challenge**, the collaboration is committed to providing a diverse range of meat-free, plant-based food for customers to enjoy alongside their favourite Costa coffee, served with a plant-based milk alternative.

With over 2,600 Costa Coffee stores across the United Kingdom, customers have the convenience of heading to their nearest store to enjoy the latest extensive range of sweet and savoury products as part of the BOSH! collaboration***. Customers can upgrade their breakfast options with the tasty Plant-Based Smashin’ Sausage Bap, or have an appetising lunch-time bite of the new Plant-Based Saucy Chicken Fajita Wrap.

Fancy something sweet? Opt for the new sweet Caramelised Biscuit Rocky Road or the delectable new Double Chocolate Cookie. This collaboration goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on making plant-based options a seamless and enjoyable part of everyday life.

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, BOSH!, comment: “Our mission is to get more plants onto more plates, and our collaboration with Costa Coffee has paved the way for easier access to delicious plant-based products across the United Kingdom. We’re incredibly proud to be working with the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop, making it more convenient than ever for customers to enjoy flavourful plant-based options without compromising on taste or accessibility”.

Toni Vernelli, from the charity Veganuary, says, “We know our participants are always looking for tasty vegan options they can easily grab when they are out, so we’re thrilled that Costa Coffee is expanding its meat-free and plant-based offerings by partnering with BOSH!, making it easier for more people to eat more plants more of the time.”

Introducing the Delish-etarian Movement

As part of this exciting collaboration, Costa Coffee and BOSH! are thrilled to introduce the concept of “delish-etarian.” More than just for vegans, delish-etarians are individuals who are plant-based conscious and strive to make mindful food choices.

Both Costa Coffee and BOSH! are committed to catering to the evolving preferences of their customers, whether they are vegan, vegetarian, a flexitarian or simply trying to reduce their meat intake. By collaborating with the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop*, together BOSH! and Costa Coffee are ensuring that everyone can enjoy delicious and sustainable plant-based options.

Cathy Goodwin, Head of Food Innovation at Costa Coffee, says: “We’re proud to be making plant-based products more accessible at Costa Coffee with an exciting collaboration with BOSH!. Ultimately, everyone wants to eat delicious food, and teaming up with the remarkable talents at BOSH!, together we have created a range of delicious plant-based product tailored for delish-etarians everywhere.

Whether you are looking for tasty meat-free breakfast option to start your morning right, or a flavoursome lunchtime bite paired with an Oat Latte, working together with BOSH!, we have everybody covered.”

Source: Costa Coffee

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