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Brands Sponsoring Football Teams In The Recent Years

Brands Sponsoring Football Teams In The Recent Years

Partnerships between brands and football teams have become an integral part of the game, even more so in recent years. With each new season, the sports world witnesses an array of brands sponsoring football teams, aligning their identity with the passion and global reach of the sport.

Let’s delve into the landscape of football sponsorships, highlighting diverse brands that have forged alliances with teams. From well-known household names to emerging players in the market, these partnerships showcase the powerful synergy between brands and the beautiful game.

Power of sponsorships in sport

Sports sponsorships possess an unparalleled power to elevate brands and maximise their exposure. By aligning with a particular team or sporting event, brands tap into an immense pre-existing fan base and the passionate following that sports generate worldwide. These partnerships provide a unique platform for brand promotion, allowing them to reach a diverse audience and create lasting impressions.

Types of sponsorships in football

There are various types of sponsorships available that allow brands to establish a strong presence and connect with fans. One popular form is shirt or kit sponsorship, where brands have their logos prominently displayed on the team’s kits, often becoming synonymous with the team’s identity. Another avenue is player sponsorship, where specific athletes become brand ambassadors, endorsing products or representing the brand in various marketing campaigns.

As well as this, brands can sponsor specific fixtures or events, such as cup finals or prestigious tournaments, gaining exclusive exposure during those high-profile moments. Finally, even substitutions and other game-related elements can be sponsored, with brands featuring prominently on substitutions’ boards or through digital advertising during matches.

Wrexham FC

Ryan Reynolds’ team, Wrexham FC, has successfully attracted an impressive array of sponsorships, showcasing a mix of global powerhouses and local brands that genuinely value the surrounding community. Notable sporting giants such as Adidas and Nike have generously shown their support by sponsoring the team, while TikTok, the renowned social media platform, has capitalised on the club’s dedicated fanbase, cementing their partnership with a prominent placement of their logo.

In addition to these major players, local brands like Wrexham Lager, an esteemed brewery deeply rooted in the region’s heritage, have also formed valuable partnerships, nurturing a sense of unity and pride among the town’s residents. Furthermore, V4B, a car leasing company from Wrexham, has made a noteworthy contribution as a match sponsor. Collectively, these diverse sponsorships exemplify Wrexham FC’s ability to draw support from both global and local entities, further solidifying their integral role within the community.


Chelsea Football Club also boasts an impressive lineup of sponsorships, featuring renowned brands such as Adidas and Nike. These global sportswear giants have shown their unwavering support by partnering with the club, emphasising their commitment to providing cutting-edge athletic apparel and equipment.

Chelsea has also formed partnerships with notable sponsors, including Three, a telecommunications company that aligns itself with the club’s ambition and success. Hyundai, a leading automotive manufacturer, has also joined forces with Chelsea, leveraging the club’s global reach and popularity. Another prominent sponsor which began in 2015 is the partnership with Alliance Tyre Company, part of the Yokohama group, sponsoring the team’s sleeve.

Manchester City

With Puma as the brand responsible for designing and manufacturing their official kits, Manchester City is another team with a wide range of well-known sponsors. This partnership highlights the club’s dedication to sporting excellence and showcases Puma’s commitment to providing top-quality apparel to the team. Alongside the brand, Manchester City has formed valuable relationships with sponsors like Etihad Airways, Nexen Tire and Thomas Cook, who sponsored the club’s shirt from 2003 to 2009.

Etihad Airways has been a key sponsor for the past decade, with their 10-year sponsorship deal completing its final year in 2020. This successful collaboration has contributed to Manchester City’s growth and global presence. As well as this, Nexen Tyres has been a valued sleeve sponsor since August 2015, playing a significant role in enhancing the club’s visual identity on matchdays.


Arsenal Football Club has partnerships with global sportswear giants Adidas, Puma, and Nike. These collaborations highlight the club’s dedication to sporting excellence and provide top-quality apparel for the team, with Adidas taking over the production of the kits from Puma in 2019. In terms of shirt sponsorship, Arsenal has a long-standing partnership with Emirates Airlines, which has been a prominent sponsor for several years. The deal is valued at $56 million per season, demonstrating the club’s ability to attract significant financial support.

Arsenal has also ventured into more diverse sponsorship agreements, such as their partnership with Visit Rwanda, the country’s tourism board. This collaboration, initiated in 2018, highlights Arsenal’s commitment to promoting Rwanda as a tourist destination. O2 was also another significant sponsor for the club which recently concluded its 10-year partnership with the club at the end of 2021.

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