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B2Core Unveils Significant Update with Event Notifications, Telegram Integration & cTrader Data Details

B2Core Unveils Significant Update with Event Notifications

B2Core, the premier CRM system for brokers and exchanges worldwide, has just released a new version that provides financial firms with enhanced features and a smoother workflow.

Among the features included in this update are:

  • The new event notification section.
  • Telegram compatibility.
  • Comprehensive cTrader data accessibility.
  • Group deposits to customer accounts.

These features give B2Core clients even more power over their operations, enabling them to respond faster to shifting market conditions and consumer needs.

Event Notification Module

Event Notification Module

B2Core Back Office’s newest Event Notification module gives administrators the power to customize notifications for various events. With 27 options available, from withdrawal requests to successful registration messages, admins can easily monitor and take action on many events. Furthermore, additional users can be added to the “Users” category to increase notification coverage.

Event notifications can be personalized with a variety of communication methods such as email, SMS, Slack, and Telegram. Templates for customizing each one are available in the “System-Templates” section. All notifications connected to an individual user can be seen on their card.

You can find detailed instructions on the new Event Notifications module through the official B2Core documentation page. Additional guidance and resources can be found on the References page and the How-To Guide.

Telegram Integration

Telegram Integration

The B2Core team has added Telegram to their list of supported notification channels. To start receiving notifications, users need to connect their Back Office account to their Telegram chat ID profile in the “System — Users — Edit User” section. After that, they need to customize the template for the notifications in the “System — Templates — Telegram” and then add Telegram to their notification list in the Event Notifications module.

Telegram Integration 2

Consult the helpful How-to articles to get up and running with Telegram notifications. These include instructions for setting up the Telegram templates and bot and how to find your Telegram chat ID.

Detailed cTrader Data

Detailed cTrader Data

The B2Core interface for cTrader accounts has been updated to offer a more in-depth account analysis. Users can now keep track of their Equity, Balance, Leverage, Credit, and Free funds with greater ease and precision. Historical equity data can be visualized over several time frames to provide users with an enhanced view of the market.

All the essential trading details, including current data on user orders and open positions, as well as historical data on executed trades, are now presented in one easily navigable interface.

Bulk Deposits to Client Accounts

Bulk Deposits to Client Accounts

The latest update to the system allows users to deposit funds into multiple clients’ accounts in one click. To do so, go to the “Accounts” section of your dashboard and click on the “Update Balances” window. Here, you can upload a CSV file with an Email, ID, and a number of funds to deposit. With this new feature, adding funds to multiple accounts is much faster and more efficient.


B2Core’s latest update has further cemented its status as the foremost CRM solution for brokers and exchanges. The inclusion of the Event Notification Module, Telegram Integration, Detailed cTrader Data, and Bulk Deposits to Client Accounts underscores their commitment to creating an efficient and all-inclusive platform.

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