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B2Core Collaborates with IDWise to Enhance KYC Using AI Technology

B2Core Collaborates with IDWise to Enhance KYC Using AI Technology

B2Core, a leading provider of comprehensive back-office solutions in the financial sector, has recently integrated with IDWise, a a next-gen AI-based Identity Verification (ID&V) and e-KYC platform. IDWise contributes its specialised knowledge in global high-risk and intricate markets to the discussion.

This partnership aims to establish new standards in user onboarding by ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient verification process.

Integration Insight


The partnership introduces IDWise’s “bank-grade” identity verification solution to B2Core clients. This solution incorporates the newest global ID document verification technology, facial recognition, certified liveness detection, and thorough AML/PEP/Sanctions screening. Integrated swiftly, these features allow B2Core’s clients in different global markets to provide their users with an efficient experience, reduce costs through automation, and comply with strict global and regional e-KYC standards.

Benefits of IDWise

Document Verification

Established in January 2021, IDWise is a B2B SaaS firm headquartered in the UK, specialising in Identity Verification and Regulatory Technology. With a team spanning five nations, they provide AI-enhanced ID&V and e-KYC solutions tailored for multiple international markets. They serve a range of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, insurance, cryptocurrency, transportation, logistics, and e-commerce.

What sets IDWise apart is its proprietary technology, which allows for customisation and optimisation tailored to the unique requirements of each business. This aligns with B2Core’s commitment to technological independence, resulting in complete automation and in-house solutions.

The integration of B2Core and IDWise goes beyond standard business practices. It is a commitment to improving end-user protection during a time when data is highly valued. By coming together, B2Core reinforces its security measures, giving consumers confidence that their personal and financial information is secure.


B2Core, a leading fintech CRM solution, offers a comprehensive range of tools for businesses. With a user-friendly interface, secure money storage solutions, customisable layouts, detailed trading analytics, and seamless integration with payment systems, trading platforms, and KYC providers, B2Core truly represents cutting-edge technology in the Forex and Crypto industries. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, B2Core’s simplicity ensures it is suitable for everyone.

The integration with IDWise demonstrates B2Core’s commitment to innovation, security, and excellence. By partnering with a leader in KYC solutions, B2Core is enhancing its offerings and making significant strides towards providing unmatched solutions in the financial industry.

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