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B2Broker Reveals B2Prop – Innovative Turnkey Solution for Proprietary Trading Firms

B2Broker Reveals B2Prop

Proprietary trading, also known as “prop trading”, is gaining significant traction in financial markets lately. The global prop trading arena, which netted USD 6.7 billion in 2020, is forecasted to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% from 2021 till 2028. The mounting interest coincides with the term “prop firm” experiencing a huge 8,409% surge in internet searches between January 2020 and March 2024. 

In alignment with the escalating demand for prop trading from traders and the consequent need for specialised software solutions among brokers, B2Broker has unveiled B2Prop. This potent and comprehensive turnkey solution has been created to aid businesses in formulating and augmenting their proprietary trading firms from ground zero.

Deep Dive into B2Prop

B2Prop is a complete, challenge-based platform that serves various market players — proprietary trading firms, crypto and forex brokers, and multi-asset brokerages. It allows these businesses to augment their product portfolio and extend their reach to a wider customer base. According to B2Broker, the solution’s development revolved around best industry practices and a keen focus on current sector requirements.

B2Prop empowers businesses to curate custom trading challenges based on distinct metrics such as profit targets, risk boundaries, and performance benchmarks. These challenges could be multi-tiered and support various currencies. Importantly, B2Prop doesn’t impose additional fees contingent upon the number of challenges, accounts, or steps.

Traders who succeed in these challenges are granted access to funded accounts along with appealing profit-sharing models, allowing them to retain 70-80% of their profits.

B2Prop effortlessly integrates with leading trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, with forthcoming plans to incorporate B2Trader, TradeLocker, among others. It also includes robust dashboards to allow businesses to monitor trader metrics from registration to the funded accounts phase, ensuring the solution stays efficient and in sync with customer needs.

Diverse Revenue Channels for Market Players

Diverse Revenue Channels for Market Players

B2Prop opens up various revenue avenues for businesses:

  • Participation Fees

Organisations can earn revenue from the fees imposed on traders for participating in proprietary trading challenges. Traders who fail to meet the challenge benchmarks often attempt to repurchase and pass the challenge three or more times, which bolsters the firm’s earnings.

  • Profits Distribution

Only top-tier traders who successfully complete the challenges have the privilege of accessing funded accounts. The firm supplies the capital for these accounts and retains a cut of the profits made through the traders’ activities, typically ranging from 20% to 50%.

  • Trading Conditions Customisation

Firms have the flexibility to adjust trading conditions according to their needs. By imposing a higher commission rate, organisations can decrease the profits on funded trader accounts. This leads to reduced payouts for the firm while still reaping the benefits from the discrepancy.

  • Replicating Successful Strategies

B2Prop is fully integrated with B2Broker’s dynamic copy trading platform, B2Copy, which presents an additional source of income for companies. The firm can adjust the funding limits on trader accounts and choose to replicate the strategies of successful traders into its own accounts, allowing the company to generate additional earnings without compensating those traders.

Complete Turnkey Offering: All Key Ingredients for Establishing a Prop Trading Firm

Complete Turnkey Offering

B2Prop Turnkey solution provided by B2Broker is a complete toolkit for companies aiming to set up a prosperous proprietary trading firm. 

B2Core CRM forms the nucleus of this package, where traders enrol, purchase trading challenges, monitor their performance and manage their payments. Additionally, it bolsters growth by integrating with payment services, KYC solutions, introducing broker platforms and more.

The package also includes the white-label cTrader platform, tailored specifically for proprietary trading firms, merging cTrader’s high-end features and wide-ranging usability with a cost-effective implementation strategy. Also, B2Prop can be integrated with MT4 and MT5 servers, if the company is licensed to use MetaQuotes’ solutions.

Additionally, B2Prop’s turnkey package offers a blockchain platform by B2Broker, B2BinPay. It processes cryptocurrency payments and allows clients to top up their accounts using different coins and stablecoins across eight separate blockchain networks. Once their accounts are funded, clients have the option to purchase trading challenges. This diversity in payment methods can attract a wider range of traders.

Another standout feature of the package is B2Copy, a copy trading platform from B2Broker. It allows firms to emulate the strategies of successfully funded traders directly into their accounts, leading to added profits without the need to remunerate those traders.

The B2Prop turnkey solution comes with transparent pricing and includes three different monthly plans:

transparent pricing

Better Control over Trading Challenges with B2Core Integration

B2Broker has made it possible for administrators to create and fine-tuned trading challenges by incorporating B2Prop into the B2Core platform. The Prop Trading option is easily accessible in the Investment Platform menu on the admin panel. A dedicated area called the Challenges List is where administrators can create and manage trading challenges for their users.

Trading Challenges

The process to launch a new challenge involves administrators providing the name, description, and uploading an image to represent the challenge on the front-end. 

Then, they lay out the challenge parameters such as plans, steps, initial account settings, key performance metrics (minimum trading days, maximum loss limits, profit targets), fee amount, fee currency,  trading account amount, and trading account currency. A daily loss limit is also set to disqualify participants who exceed it.

Administrators can monitor participant progress through the admin panel. It displays a list of active and past accounts with their current challenge status (started, successful, or failed). Upon successful completion, administrators mark accounts and set up funded accounts for the successful participants. 

To the traders on the front-end, a list of available challenges is displayed, complete with images and key metrics. Joining a suitable challenge is as easy as clicking once and the entry fee, if required, can be paid from their wallet. 

Challenges info

Participants can track important metrics such as equity, maximum drawdown, number of trades, and more as they progress. The platform also provides them with daily trading summaries with P&L and volume details. 

B2prop details

When a challenge is completed, participants receive an email notification with details about their prop trading account. They can also check their past challenges and find comprehensive results and trading data for each account.

Uplifting the Standard in Prop Trading Technology

B2Broker has carved its own niche in FinTech by creating advanced technology and liquidity solutions. The latest addition to its product line, B2Prop, simplifies the start of prop trading activities for brokers and exchanges. 

B2Broker encourages clients to delve into the potential of B2Prop by trying out its demo. The team behind the platform works on further enhancements to its offerings, with several improvements currently in the pipeline.

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