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B2Broker Transforms Market with Advanced Copy Trading Platform

The copy trading market is set to expand from $2.2 billion to $4 billion by the end of this decade, according to The Insight Partners. This growth signals a significant opportunity for brokers to adopt sophisticated copy trading platforms.

B2Broker has developed the B2Copy platform to innovate in the copy trading field. This new-generation platform offers unprecedented customisation options, growth-driven profiles for master traders, a user-friendly interface, and more.

Although many solutions are available for MT4 and MT5, B2Broker has become the first, following Spotware (cTrader Copy), to provide enterprise-level copy trading solutions and introduce PAMM for cTrader.

The All-in-One Solution for PAMM, MAM, and Copy Trading

B2Copy is an all-encompassing investment platform that combines the features of copy trading, PAMM, and MAM. It assists copy-trading brokers in attracting investors interested in replicating successful strategies and supports brokerages in reactivating inactive accounts by offering copy-trading as a new revenue opportunity. PAMM brokers can establish investment funds, while family offices and hedge funds benefit from the adaptable PAMM and MAM options. Proprietary trading firms enjoy improved risk management capabilities. B2Copy also enables smooth cooperation with regulated fund managers, offering tailored investment strategies for diverse needs.


Key Upgrades in the New Generation of B2Copy

The new generation of B2Copy showcases significant performance upgrades, enhanced UI/UX features, and deeper customisation capabilities. Let’s outline the key ones:


Ultra-Fast Transaction Handling and Wide User Connectivity

B2Copy’s standout feature is its ultra-fast transaction processing, capable of handling more than 1,500 deals per second. This capability ensures top-notch trade execution for all investors, no matter how many are linked to a single master account. Furthermore, the platform supports vast connectivity, enabling up to 5,000 investors to connect to a single copy master and over 1,000 to a PAMM master.

Growth and Turnover of the Platform

B2Copy now supports over 65 active brokers, with over 16,000 master accounts and approximately 40,000 investment accounts. These numbers are expected to rise as new features and improvements are rolled out. From May 2023 to April 2024, B2Copy processed a total turnover of $615.6 billion, highlighting its ability to handle large-scale financial volumes.

Upgraded UI/UX

Upgraded UI-UX

B2Copy’s user interface has been refurbished to improve visual appeal and ease of use. The user flow has been streamlined, breaking down complex processes into guided steps and eliminating the need for lengthy forms. Users can now complete tasks in 5 straightforward steps with 2-3 options each. Automation of certain processes reduces the need for additional actions after account creation or subscription. The platform also features built-in trading bots that increase trading activity, offering users a more engaging trading experience.

Enhanced Customisation Capabilities

Master traders can now personalise their profiles with custom nicknames, photos, and descriptions, providing a platform for increased individuality and a more professional presentation.

Updated Fee Structure

B2Copy’s new fee structure introduces six fee types: performance, trade, subscription, profit, management, and joining fees. It also offers six performance fee calculation methods and two for management fees. This flexible fee framework enables master traders to tailor their charges for signal provision and investment opportunities in their PAMM accounts according to their preferences.

Minimum Investment Configuration

The new feature in B2Copy enables master traders to specify a minimum deposit requirement, aligning their strategies with suitable account sizes. This is essential for trading strategies requiring a minimum investment of $1,000 or $10,000 to function effectively. Setting a minimum deposit ensures that only appropriate investments are made.

New Website Widgets

The new B2Copy update includes widgets for brokers’ websites that separate leaderboard and statistics pages. Master traders can now provide direct links to their statistics pages, allowing them to showcase their performance on social media easily.

Enhanced Marketing with Promo and Subscription Codes

Enhanced Marketing with Promo and Subscription Codes

Promo and subscription codes are potent marketing tools for master traders. Promo codes let masters establish special conditions for their investors, initiate individual marketing campaigns, and offer discounts or exclusive deals on their educational courses or trading signals.

Subscription codes facilitate the promotion of strategies outside the brokerage platform and enable the creation of private, password-protected strategies. Such accounts are listed on the leaderboard, but only investors with the special code can view detailed statistics or subscribe. This functionality allows masters to focus on targeted investor groups and maintain control over who accesses their strategies.

Advanced Scoring and Analytical Tools

Advanced Scoring and Analytical Tools

The leaderboard now features a scoring system incorporating multiple parameters, making it easier for new investors to pinpoint the best-performing master traders. A higher score reflects superior performance, streamlining the investor’s selection process.

The platform, with more than 250 customisable settings, can be tailored to the unique needs of each broker and user, ensuring a personalised experience.

Upcoming Major Enhancements

B2Broker is developing several new features to make its investment platform more adaptable and user-friendly for clients and end-users.

Cross-Server Copy Trading in Development

Many large brokerage companies served by B2Broker operate several trading servers for platforms like MT4, MT5, and cTrader. To cater to their needs, B2Broker is working on a cross-server copying solution to let clients on one MT4 server replicate trades from another MT4 server. This feature will facilitate brokers’ copy trading across all servers. The same functionality will also be extended to MT5 and cTrader platforms.

Multi-Platform Copy Trading Solution in Progress

B2Broker is developing a multi-platform copying solution for brokerages that use various trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, and cTrader. This feature will allow clients to select their preferred platform for trade copying, so brokers won’t need to force traders to change platforms. For example, a master trader can operate on MT5, while investors can use cTrader or MT4.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

B2Copy offers effortless integration with cTrader, MT4, and MT5 platforms. This enables master traders to connect their previous profiles quickly and allows investors to continue using their existing investment accounts seamlessly.

B2Copy integrates seamlessly with B2Core, B2Broker’s proprietary CRM and back-office solution. This integration ensures the smooth operation of all B2Core functionalities, including e-wallets, IB modules, referral programs, account transfer capabilities, and more, within the B2Copy platform. The outcome is a unified, upgraded platform that optimises the tools offered by B2Core’s exceptional CRM suite.

Concluding Remarks

B2Copy is a sophisticated investment platform renowned for its speed, scalability, and innovative features. Its profound influence on the trading market and forward-looking infrastructure establish it as a premier option for brokers and their clients globally. Furthermore, B2Broker offers a staging environment for testing purposes, allowing brokers to experience the market-leading copy trading software firsthand.

B2Broker has an exclusive offer for brokers migrating their client base from other Copy/PAMM platforms to B2Copy!


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