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AXA Expands its Payer-to-Partner Strategy in Emerging Markets through Innovative Healthcare Delivery Systems


AXA announced the expansion of its Payer-to-Partner strategy in emerging markets. AXA is creating a digital and physical health care ecosystem by launching its own medical centers, linked directly to its health insurance services. By combining, in one offer, services that are normally delivered by different providers, AXA aims to simplify the healthcare journey of its customers. 

AXA’s target is to open up to 50 medical clinics which would serve as many as 1.5 million clients across emerging markets by 2023, starting with Mexico in Latin America and Egypt in Africa, to be followed by other key emerging markets.

These centers will provide access to advanced diagnostics, laboratory equipment and medical consultations in key specialties, thereby bringing to its customers an affordable, high-quality and seamless patient experience, in markets where access to economical and quality care still remains a challenge for many individuals and families.

In Mexico, AXA announced the launch of a joint venture with Keralty, to develop a vertically integrated health system incorporating quality day-to-day healthcare delivery. Keralty is the leading health insurer and services provider in Colombia, with significant presence in the US and Brazil. Concurrently in Egypt, AXA will open diagnostic centers and primary care centers, owned 100% by AXA, with the support of World Health Management as its technical partner, with expertise in designing and setting up healthcare facilities.

These initiatives fully embody AXA’s strategy to provide healthcare solutions in emerging markets, where the existing health system often results in high non-reimbursable medical care spending for the population.


“AXA’s ambition is to provide healthcare solutions to one and all. I am, thus, very proud of the exciting work our teams have done to build this innovative health ecosystem, which will provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality health solutions to our customers in Mexico and Egypt, as well as other emerging markets in the future. This perfectly symbolizes AXA’s strategy to become a partner to its customers.”
Source: AXA
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