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American Express and Boom Supersonic Look Ahead to Air Travel Built on Speed, Sustainability and Safety

Boom Supersonic

To help Card Members explore the future of travel through premium experiences, Amex Ventures became an early investor in Boom Supersonic to support the development of the company’s airliner, Overture, which is expected to be the first large commercial aircraft to be net-zero carbon, running on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Now, American Express is teaming up with Boom to create a three-day immersive experience for Platinum Card Members at the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow on July 19-22, 2022, in Hampshire, U.K., a premier event for aviation enthusiasts.

Tickets to the experience will include exclusive tours, dinner, hospitality – and an exclusive preview of Overture, the flagship sustainable supersonic airliner from Boom that is slated to roll out in 2025, fly in 2026 and carry passengers by 2029. Card Members will get an insider’s look at the future of the aviation industry and access to industry-leading pioneers while at this global, biennial event.

Here, American Express connects with Kathy Savitt, President & Chief Business Officer of Boom Supersonic, where she explains how the core principles of speed, safety and sustainability are moving their aircraft to fly twice as fast as conventional jets:

What does supersonic travel mean for the industry at-large?

Speed is transformative, and it’s about more than saving a few hours in the air. Overture will open new countless possibilities for travel – giving you more time on vacation, turning multi-day business trips into one-day hops, and unlocking itineraries that previously felt too long. Ultimately, we want supersonic flight to be the default choice for long-distance travel, and we’ll continue to innovate on faster and more affordable aircraft.

Why has it been important for Boom Supersonic to commit to sustainability from day one?

We believe travel is a net good for humanity. More opportunities for human connection bring profound benefits to our personal and professional lives. Travel broadens our understanding and empathy toward others—helping create a more interconnected, more peaceful world. However, we believe it’s crucial to deliver these benefits in a sustainable way.

That’s why Boom is committed to building an environmentally and economically sustainable supersonic airliner. Sustainability has been part of Boom’s culture since our founding, and we are proud to be on track for net zero carbon by 2025. For Overture, we’re integrating technologies like sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) that help the airplane achieve net-zero carbon operations, too. Overture will be the first new commercial airplane capable of running on 100% SAF, eliminating life-cycle CO2 emissions during flight.

How will additional speed improve and elevate consumers’ experience?

Through our in-house passenger experience lab, we are designing a cabin that is comfortable, tranquil, and productive for travelers. That means ergonomic seats, large screens, touch-free mechanisms, and ample space for storing your baggage and belongings. And we’re not limiting this innovation to the short time spent onboard. Along with our partners, we want to reimagine the entire, end-to-end travel journey—finding opportunities to increase comfort, reduce hassle, and make travel a more seamless experience.

We also have built an in-house safety culture at Boom – ensuring that safety is front of mind for everyone – and safety is the top priority as we develop Overture.

What else will be different about Overture and supersonic travel versus today’s subsonic travel?

Compared to today’s subsonic airliners, which typically cruise at about 550 mph, Overture will fly at 1,122 mph—more than twice as fast and well above other commercial aircraft at an altitude of 60,000 feet. This means that as part of the supersonic experience, passengers will be able to see the curvature of the earth below and gaze out at space above. And because most turbulence occurs at far lower altitudes, passengers will enjoy a much smoother ride than on subsonic aircraft.

Where will you fly first on Overture?

Overture is expected to fly over 500 routes with big reductions in travel time. Personally, my  favorite city in the world is London, because I have close friends and business partners there. On Overture, I will be able to get to London from NYC in 3.5 hours, which will allow me to see them far more often. I’ve also had it on my bucket list to visit Tahiti, but it has always seemed too far away for a short getaway. On Overture, we’ll get to Tahiti in under 5 hours, so I look forward to going and enjoying a beautiful new place, culture and people that will be suddenly much less distant.

Source: American Express

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