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Amazon’s AWS Targets Corporate Clients with New Chatbot and AI Safeguards

Amazon's AWS Targets Corporate Clients with New Chatbot and AI Safeguards
Logo of U.S. online retailer Amazon is displayed at a logistics centre in Trapagaran, northern Spain |Amazon's AWS Targets Corporate Clients |New Chatbot [Image credit;Reuters]


  • Q chatbot, designed for business productivity, handles document summaries, support tickets, and communication via Slack, while autonomously modifying source code for faster development.
  • Guardrails for Bedrock addresses objectionable content in generative AI, allowing user filtering and countering concerns about offensive language.
  • Safety measures for generative AI include acknowledgement of risks, especially during global events, with an emphasis on customer control in setting AI limits.
  • Corporate appeal features Q chatbot offering data controls, priced at $20/user/year, and Amazon providing indemnification against copyright misuse.
  • Concerns and solutions involve recognizing generative AI’s autonomy, offering Guardrails for Bedrock to set user-imposed limits, and providing safeguards against legal and reputational risks.
  • In a limited preview, Guardrails for Bedrock is introduced with no detailed indemnification policy disclosed; Amazon actively seeks corporate appeal through ongoing innovations.

Amazon is making strategic moves to attract major corporate clients to its AWS cloud computing service by introducing a new business-focused chatbot and offering protection against legal and reputational issues arising from artificial intelligence (AI) outputs. Unveiled at the annual cloud computing conference in Las Vegas, the new chatbot, named Q, aims to enhance productivity by assisting workers in summarizing crucial documents, handling support tickets, and facilitating communication through platforms like Slack. Additionally, Q can autonomously make modifications to a company’s source code, expediting the development process.

This initiative follows the emergence of OpenAI‘s ChatGPT, which sparked substantial investment in generative AI startups. Competitors like Alphabet have also introduced their own chatbots capable of engaging in human-like conversations to aid users in daily tasks. Amazon’s AWS CEO, Adam Selipsky, addressed concerns related to objectionable content generated by AI applications, introducing a safety measure called Guardrails for Bedrock. This service enables users to filter out harmful content, addressing the potential risks associated with generative AI, such as offensive language or inappropriate content slipping into search results.

Given that generative AI is trained on publicly available content, there are concerns about its potential to produce content that may be harmful or influential, especially on social media platforms like X and Facebook (META.O). Selipsky emphasized the importance of allowing customers to set limits on the generative AI they deploy. For instance, a bank could configure an online assistant to avoid providing investment advice, while an e-commerce site could ensure that its online assistant refrains from using hate speech.

As part of its appeal to corporate clients, Amazon announced that the Q chatbot will provide businesses with controls to restrict access to sensitive data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access it. The pricing for this service will commence at $20 per user per year. Furthermore, Amazon revealed plans to protect its customers against legal action stemming from the misuse of copyrighted materials. This move follows incidents such as Getty Images suing Stability AI for allegedly scraping images from its website without permission. The Guardrails for Bedrock service is currently in limited preview, with Amazon not providing detailed information about its indemnification policy.

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