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Allianz Real Estate collaborates with Bright to drive eco-responsible behavior


Allianz Real Estate has partnered with Bright, a producer and distributor of digital art for brands and spaces, to encourage the occupants of its buildings to behave in an eco-responsible manner and reduce their electricity bills.

Allianz Real Estate eco responsive behaviour

Hat changes according to the energy consumption data of a site. This work will be displayed every morning in the halls of around ten Allianz Real Estate buildings in Paris – including the Tour Cristal, located in the front de Seine, the Colisée building at La Défense and Forum Seine in Issy-les-Moulineaux – in order to raise the occupants’ awareness of their electricity consumption in an engaging way.

Image copyright: Bright

The landscape changes according to 4 data elements:

  • The tree and the seasons in the landscape provide information on the energy savings achieved.
  • The biodiversity details the cumulative annual energy savings.
  • The flows indicate annual savings in euros.
  • The sun shows the trend in annual energy savings.

With Allianz Real Estate eco responsive behaviour, throughout the year, the occupants of the buildings will have the opportunity to see their digital environment change according to their use of electricity in each building.The display will also include captions and eco-tips so that occupants can understand the data more easily, and adjust their behavior.

Image copyright: Bright

The generation and display of the data represents cutting-edge technological innovation. The Bright platform will collect energy data from the provider Netseenergy on a daily basis from each building, which will be processed and connected to the generated landscape. Once generated for each building, the designs will then be distributed overnight via the ECN screens located in Allianz Real Estate buildings.

Each morning, occupants will then be briefed on their previous day’s consumption, which will enable them to improve their energy consumption.

Sébastien Chemouny, Head of France of Allianz Real Estate, said, “Allianz takes sustainability to heart and has a strong commitment to climate protection. As such, we are delighted to be able to offer our tenants this innovative and creative solution, co-developed with our partner producer and distributor of digital art, Bright, which will enable them to become more aware of their energy consumption and encourage them to behave in an eco-responsible manner. By adopting the right eco-actions, we hope to see them become active consumers, capable of reducing their energy consumption without compromising their comfort.”

For Abdel Bounane, CEO of Bright: “Our creation for Allianz Real Estate represents the potential of data-art, enabled by our technological solutions and the digital artists who use it. This is the first digital creation to enable a better understanding of energy consumption, and the way of representing data in a transparent, informative and emotional way certainly helps to encourage eco-responsible behavior and improve everyone’s day to day life.”

Source: Allianz SE

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