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Age of the Gods is a Winning Franchise


The growth of online casinos has been phenomenal and they continue to grow in popularity as other nations allow their citizens the freedom to gamble. A great amount of credit for the rise of online casinos must go to casino game developers. On this site, we’ve looked previously at the commanding brands in terms of casino game development. One of the biggest names in the sector is Isle of Man-based Playtech. Now, we take a look at one of Playtech’s most successful brands that has produced many compelling games that dominate the market.

age of gods

New games

If you regularly visit a reputable online casino, you will be familiar with the Age of the Gods series as a very visible slot presence. The brand has been so successful players of online bingo at Paddy Power can now also play Age of the Gods Bingo. This themed 90-ball bingo allows the Full House winner at the end of the game to pick coins in the Arena of the Gods feature which will determine the prizes given to the game community, Full House winner, or both.

As well as bingo, the theme has spread to create Age of the Gods Roulette. The game provides you with an Age of the Gods-themed table and bonus bet option, which could take you to a three-reel slot game that can provide significant wins. You might also win one of four progressive jackpots playing Age of the Gods Roulette. These progressive jackpots, which are open to all real money players, will hit at random intervals regardless of the stakes you’re playing for.
While these Age of the Gods games are proving popular options and it would not be surprising to see other classic casino games encompassed by the brand, the brand is best known for slots.

In the company of gods

Without a question, the most well-known online slot series of all time is Age of the Gods. Playtech created this mythology-themed online slot series in 2017 and has progressed the series to create low volatility slots, high volatility slots, progressive jackpots, cluster payouts, and all other bonus types you can think of.

While the RTP of each of the Age of the Gods slot games is unique, Playtech carefully created each game with top-notch graphics highlighting many facets of the Norse, Greek, etc. gods’ majesty, such as lightning, thunder, war, water, etc. To ensure a fun casino gaming environment, the symbols and bonuses are all themed to match the particular game. There are now so many Age of the Gods slots available that it’s difficult to keep count. Just a few of the titles available are:

  • Age of the Gods Norse King of Asgard slot
  • Age of the Gods Norse Book of Dwarves slot
  • Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky slot
  • Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead slot
  • Age of the Gods Apollo Power slot
  • Age of the Gods Norse Gods and Giants slot
  • Age of the Gods Glorious Griffin slot
  • Age of the Gods Norse Ways of Thunder slot

These are just a handful of the slot titles available and if you visit a major online casino, just type Age of the Gods into the search bar and you should be presented with many more.

Which is the best one? It really depends on your style of play and what you’re looking for. With so many titles, it can be a little overwhelming, but the point is they’re all great and you just need to decide on a specific theme, jackpot to chase, and desired volatility.

Playtech has created many games and is a huge name in the industry. With the Age of the Gods series, they created a mammoth brand that continues to dominate.

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