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Adobe Unveils Express for Enterprise

  • Adobe launched Adobe Express for Enterprise, integrating Firefly genAI tools to streamline branded content creation for enterprise teams, and introduced new AI-powered features like Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom for enhanced photo editing.
  • Adobe Express for Enterprise offers brand controls, seamless integration with Adobe and Microsoft tools, and user-friendly features for non-marketers, while Lightroom enhancements include Lens Blur, expanded tethering support, HDR Optimization, and improved mobile editing.

Adobe has unveiled Adobe Express for Enterprise to streamline and speed content creation while staying true to their brands.

Adobe Express for Enterprise, powered by Adobe Firefly Image Model 3, serves as an entryway into using Firefly genAI tools.

Adobe also recently unveiled Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom, giving content creators of all stripes access to GenAI features for photos.

Adobe Express, currently priced at $9.99 monthly subscription fee, became accessible as a mobile application last month.

Adobe Express for Enterprise. Adobe’s enterprise hub gives marketers, sales representatives, communications personnel and other members of teams access to, creation of and reuse of branded content quickly. Adobe Acrobat, Creative Cloud and AEM Assets all work seamlessly together within this system.

Adobe GenStudio will feature Adobe Express for Enterprise as part of their product suite, according to company representatives.

Early adopters include Dentsu, Red Hat, Owen Jones and IBM.

Brand Control. Adobe Express for Enterprise customers using Firefly Image Model 3 have access to brand controls that let them upload reference images and use Firefly’s automatic generation feature to generate images based on them. Using Firefly also comes with IP indemnification protection – meaning your company’s intellectual property will remain safe when customers choose this platform!

Users need template locking and style controls in place in order to manage how creative assets are reused, who gains access, etc.

Adobe Express for Enterprise features user-friendly tools that empower non-marketers to turn assets into GIFs, remove backgrounds from images, generate QR codes and repurpose assets to make social media posts, videos, banners or presentations with ease.

Adobe has designed this platform so it works smoothly between Photoshop and Illustrator, and Microsoft Copilot, according to Adobe. An Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot may also soon become available, according to Adobe.

Adobe Lightroom’s Generative Remove feature enables creatives to use Firefly genAI capabilities for editing photos in Lightroom.

Users can quickly remove objects in photos with just one click using this tool, and advanced creators and marketers can also quickly retouch photos professionally using it.

Other new tools and features now available in Lightroom include:

  • Lens Blur, now generally available, which seamlessly adds blur effects to any part of a photograph and now includes all-new automatic presets
  • Expanded tethering support for new cameras including the latest Sony digital cameras – such as the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V – which means access to photos in Lightroom Classic in real-time
  • HDR Optimization enables anyone capturing photos to edit and export their photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows and more vivid colors
  • Instant access to photo libraries in Lightroom mobile and desktop apps
  • Lightroom’s all-new mobile editing experience
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