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Kirin Introduces Electric Salt Spoon to Enhance Flavor Without Added Sodium

Electric Salt Spoon
  • Kirin is launching an Electric Salt Spoon to enhance the perception of saltiness in low-sodium dishes using mild electric currents, aiming to promote healthier eating without sacrificing flavor.
  • Initially producing 200 units priced at approximately $127 each, Kirin plans to expand international sales next year, with a goal of reaching one million customers within five years.

Japanese company will soon debut an innovative product designed to enhance salty flavors without increasing sodium consumption, marking its commercial launch after being awarded with an Ig Nobel Prize last year for innovative, playful research efforts.

Kirin has launched an innovative solution to elevate flavor with umami goodness: an electric salt spoon. Kirin plans on producing only 200 of these spoons which aim to elevate dish aroma with umami goodness and elevate their flavors further.

People reducing their salt intake due to health or wellness reasons often find bland low-sodium meals disappointing.

Kirin claims it has developed an effective solution with their Electric Salt Spoon, using electrodes to deliver an electric current across your tongue to increase saltiness perception and perception of saltiness.

According to Reuters, this spoon aims to make healthier eating more pleasurable by helping individuals enjoy low-sodium dishes without giving up flavor.

Conceptually, this approach utilizes mild electric charges to “focus sodium ion molecules on the tongue”, intensifying salty flavor.

This revolutionary approach can be described as an updated take on umami. According to the company, their aim is to promote healthier eating habits by making low-sodium dishes more appealing without leaving you disappointed with a lack of salt.

Kirin collaborated with Professor Homei Miyashita from Japan’s Meiji University School of Science and Technology to evaluate this technology using pair of chopsticks connected with wire to a battery pack worn on wrist. Utilising this approach significantly enhanced perceptions of salty flavors by up to 50 percent.

Individuals in certain circumstances should refrain from using an electric salt spoon, including those who are implanted with medical devices like pacemakers and users of wearable heart rate monitors; people allergic to metal, those experiencing facial nerve problems or bleeding disorders; those undergoing dental treatments or those potentially pregnant are advised not to utilize its use.

Consult a medical provider if you suffer from feverish diseases, severe cognitive impairments or malignant tumors; unfortunately this list likely covers many individuals who could benefit greatly from using a spoon like this one.

Kirin plans on initially producing 200 units and selling them at 19,800 yen, or approximately $127 each, but eventually plans on expanding sales internationally next year and reaching one million customers within five years.

Kirin Beer Diverges into Healthcare

Kirin is well known for their beer products; however, their business has recently made the transition into healthcare as they emphasize its significance for Japan.

An average adult consumes nearly 10 grams of salt daily – more than double what’s recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Consumption of too much sodium has been linked with increases in hypertension rates and stroke incidence as well as various health concerns.

Kirin researcher Ai Sato highlighted the prevalence of salty flavors in Japanese cuisine and its challenge for reducing overall sodium consumption in Japan as motivation behind Kirin’s invention of an electric spoon.

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