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Access Bank Mozambique Invests On Women Empowerment

Access Bank Mozambique

Making women more and more empowered and financially capable of contributing to the country’s development has always been one of the main objectives of Access Bank, which since its arrival in Mozambique develops diversified actions to strengthen the position of women in various areas of the social sphere.

Through its W-Initiative program, Access Bank Mozambique supports women at various levels, including health, education and entrepreneurship, among others.

Focused on women’s empowerment, this project invests in women’s training, leadership and economic participation, thus contributing to the country’s greater diversification and development in different areas.

The Bank challenges women to participate in exclusive training, certified capacity building, and business coaching programs designed for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

The goal is to help build a more equitable, stronger and more sustainable society by launching initiatives such as the ‘Womenpreneur Pitch-a-thon Africa’, an annual competition within the W-Initiative project with the objective of inspiring, connecting and empowering women from different segments.

In the field of health, the Bank develops different actions to create awareness with approaches focused on chronic diseases such as breast cancer and cervical cancer, diseases that affect a high percentage of women in Mozambique. These initiatives are promoted with the objective of reaching a wide public, from customers to civil society, including the active involvement of all the institution’s employees.

In the social sphere, W-Initiative has also allowed the Bank to financially support pregnant women in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Rwanda. In the same financing package, more than 120 families have been able to have the Bank finance medical procedures, from In Vitro fertilization treatments, prenatal and postnatal care, infant bone surgeries, etc.

The focus on female empowerment and gender equity in all social and economic activities ensures stronger societies. As a promoter of financial inclusion and a pillar of sustainable development, Access Bank reaches out to all social levels.

Aware of the importance of women in societies, the Bank contributes to a better quality of life for women and to the growth of human and economic development.

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