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9 Stages of Branding for Every Serviced-Based Business

9 Stages of Branding for Every Serviced-Based Business

The term “branding” is something that is thrown back and forth in the business world, but not every entrepreneur gets to the bottom of what it really means for the future of their company. The truth is, once you get too deep into your business it is very easy to lose the true meaning behind what you do and why you do it. Branding is actually an extremely emotional and personal aspect of building a business that allows you to build a deep connection with your consumers, so it should never be underestimated. This much is true for service based businesses specifically, because you are providing your client with something they truly need. A product-based business does need careful branding, but it is often less vital as there are fewer emotions involved in the purchasing process. With this in mind, you should be looking to give your business a branding overhaul and make sure you have understood the true connection between this and your goals. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are the nine key stages of branding every service-based business owner should be doing right now.

Customer Deep Dive and Consultations

When you want to hone in on your branding strategy, it is important to do a thorough deep dive into your customers. You could even hold some informal consultations to find out more about them. This is a relatively easy and simple process which involves choosing a handful of people that you would consider to be your ideal client. Having a discussion with them to find out what their day to day life is like, how they use the product or service you provide and what they’re looking for will help you to hone in on your brand so that it is instantly appealing to your target demographic.

Writing Your Brand Ethos and Goals

This is a huge stepping stone towards creating a clear brand that is appealing, unique and distinctive in your industry. Knowing what your own goals are can have a direct impact on every decision you make with regards to your business. Resorting back to this brand ethos everytime you’re unsure what to do can be a huge helping hand for you. Writing your very own brand ethos onto paper will not only solidify all of your ideas, but it will give you the motivation to stick to them. 

Creating a Unique Name

The naming portion of the branding strategy is probably one of the most exciting and fun aspects of the whole process. Coming up with a unique name is obviously an important step as it will be recognizable to your target audience for many years to come. Let’s say you were naming a financial services company and you need to be clear and distinctive about what type of business you are. You need to think about a name that will communicate everything you do without being too different. There are a number of clever name generators that can help you come up with all sorts of names that are related to your industry. Have a go and some of these online and you will soon get to the bottom of your business name.

Master The Word Artistry

Branding is so much more than creating a beautiful logo on a page, it is about how you communicate and portray everything you do. Communication is arguably one of the most important elements of a business strategy as that is exactly how you get someone to buy your product. Honing in on your copywriting skills, building a word bank of words that your target audience use and practicing how to write clearly, and succinctly in your brand voice will help you to nail your brand strategy without question.

Embody Your Brand Outlook

When you are able to live and breathe every aspect of your brand, this goes to show you are serious about your business. If you’re running a sustainable business you need to be green at home too; this is exactly what it means to embody your brand outlook!

Select The Right Colors

Colors aren’t the be all and end all of a brand, but they can certainly help to elevate your service based business. Think about your brand from both a professional and aesthetically pleasing point of view and you will soon discover the best color palettes for your brand.

Play With Fonts and Signage

Fonts and signage play a huge role in the day to day running of your business, so they need to be clear, on brand and recognizable to your target audience. Sit down with a professional and discover the best font for your brand.

Work With a Website Designer

When you spend your resourcing working with a professional website designer, your branding strategy will be just right from the very beginning. Your website needs to tell the story of your brand from the moment someone lands on the homepage.

Use Templates to Create a Social Media Aesthetic

It’s a nice touch, but not essential to have a social media aesthetic that fits within your branding strategy. This should be part of your strategy, but not necessarily the most important thing to lose sleep over at night!

So, instead of throwing the term “branding” around and sweeping these jobs underneath the carpet again, now is the ideal time to get stuck into the true meaning behind your business. Whether you’re honing in on the visual branding of your business or re-evaluating your chosen name, there are so many different ways to approach the idea of a branding overhaul. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what branding can do for you and how it can completely transform the way your clients see your business. When it comes to making first impressions, branding has the power to make someone feel a certain way as soon as they come into contact with your brand. You have the opportunity to turn your brand into something truly special, so now is the perfect time to make it happen!

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