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6 Tips For Healthy Teeth

6 Tips for Healthy Teeth

How often do you really care about the kind of effect your teeth and gums are going to have due to the food you consume?

Let’s peek into various healthy foods you can eat in order to give your teeth the very best care. Because as you know, prevention is better than cure and this holds true even when it comes to your teeth.

1. Cavities

In case you have a few cavities or your gums have begun to recede, a healthy diet will help restore balance. First of all, get your teeth fixed by a dentist if needed and then tune up your eating and brushing habits to prevent problems in the future. The best way to prevent cavities is by reducing your sweet intake and proper brushing.

2. Brushing, flossing and regular checkups 

Regular visits to the dentist and brushing and flossing every day are obvious ways to ensure you’re doing the best to keep your oral health problem-free. But whatever you eat and drink has a big effect on your teeth too as I had quoted earlier. There are certain foods and nutrients that are especially important for excellent dental health. For strong bones and healthy teeth, an intake of calcium is essential. Milk is a great source and there’s also yoghurt and cheese

which are rich in calcium. If you are a vegan, you could have soy-derived food, fish lovers can

try salmon fish to increase your calcium levels. Intake of almonds also helps along with dark leafy greens like spinach.

3. Vitamin C for teeth and immunity

Vitamin C is a good way to increase your immunity and keep your gums at their best. Eat a variety of citrus fruits regularly. Also, consume plenty of broccoli. Try not to snack on citrus fruits during the day, keep them as a treat at the end of a meal otherwise, you’ll never give your mouth a break from acid attack. Spinach is another excellent source of vitamin C along with tomatoes, peppers and potatoes.

4. Teeth benefit from phosphorus intake

Everyone knows about the importance of calcium and vitamin C for good oral health but you might be less acquainted with the benefits of phosphorus, foodstuff like eggs, nuts, beans, lean meat fish as well as dairy products are rich in phosphorus.

5. Consume less sugar for better dental health

There are some foods that aren’t so good for the teeth sugary snacks are very tempting but sticky and hard confectionary is not going to do your oral health many favours and if you’re a fan of snacks between meals you need to know that those acid attacks make it harder for your teeth to fight back. You should consider snacking on healthy uncooked veggies and fresh fruit. Try a few almonds for extra crunch. Be careful to avoid too many citrus fruits or raisins though

as these will do more harm than good. However, there is this blind belief that drinking water with fresh lemon or drinking apple cider vinegar is good for your waistline but actually, they’re incredibly damaging to your teeth. Have a small pot of yoghurt, this helps to increase your calcium levels and feed the hunger.

Here’s a pro tip, reach for your toothbrush half an hour after you are done snacking, this will make it harder for the bacteria to survive in the cracks and crevices of your teeth. No toothbrush at your disposal? Don’t worry, just grab a glass of water and wash or gargle the food particles away.

Eating a small amount of cheese after a snack or meal can also help with cleaning and neutralizing conditions in your mouth.

6. Looking after little teeth: Nutrition for children’s dental health

Of course with children, it’s worth being even more careful and teaching them which foods are healthy as this will help in setting up their healthy eating mentality throughout their life. Get your kids used to eating raw carrot sticks and celery and encourage them to fill up on raw and fresh cooked vegetables. It probably goes incomplete without saying that fresh juice shouldn’t be left on the teeth of little ones after they’re going off to sleep, even fresh or formulated milk could build up some potential tooth decay. As soon as a kid’s milk teeth come through, a baby toothbrush is going to come in handy but do make sure that the kid’s dietary intake is also conducive to great oral health.

So there you have some tips and ideas for foods that are rich in nutrients and good for your teeth to help it to stay fit and healthy and that growing teeth need to form correctly.

Happy teeth-friendly eating.

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