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6 Signs that are Proof of a Weak Immune System

Our immune system is our body’s line of defense against bacteria and viruses of all kinds. To keep ourselves healthy and having a strong immune system is extremely crucial especially in today’s times. However, due to some underlying conditions, or if we don’t take proper care of our health, the immune system can become weak.

If your body does have a weak immune system, it’s important that you realize that at the earliest and make amends to your lifestyle in order to improve it. Here are some signs that can help you know if you have a weak immune system:

  1. Feeling Tired All Day

It’s only natural that you would feel a bit tired after a particularly hard day or after performing some sort of strenuous physical activity we are not used to. But if you find yourself feeling burnt out after doing simple tasks, it could be evidence of a weak immune system.

This happens because a weaker immune system takes longer to feight a disease, thus, you end up feeling tired for most of the day, even after a brisk walk in the morning.

  1. You Catch A Cold Very Easily

The common cold infects a lot of us at different points throughout the year. Catching the cold once or twice isn’t that big of a deal. But if you see yourself being affected by it multiple times in a short period, it definitely means that your immune system has become very weak.

In fact, falling sick several times with different diseases is also proof that you have a weak immune system. You should consult your doctor if you think you are falling sick too often because it may be a precursor to some serious condition.

  1. You Have Gained A Lot Of Weight

Being overweight is very dangerous. It can lead to several chronic and serious health conditions. Not just that, weight gain can also point towards a weak immune system.

The reason is that as we gain weight, the quantity of adipose tissues in our body increases significantly and the fat cells in our body start releasing cytokines at an increased rate. Cytokines lead to chronic inflammation which exhausts the immune system and subsequently weakens it.

  1. Your Wounds Take Longer To Heal

One of the major roles of our immune system is to fight bacteria and prevent infections from any wounds in the body. However, if your immune system has been weakened, any wounds on your body will take a much longer time to heal because it won’t be able to fight infections properly.

Even minor cuts and scratches will take a long time to heal completely. So, keep an eye out to check if the wounds on your skin are taking longer than usual to heal.

  1. You Are Having Intestinal Problems

There is good bacteria present in our body’s intestinal tract. This bacteria provides a lot of benefits to our body and when it’s in a balanced quantity, so is our immune system.

However, if due to some reason, the bacteria becomes unbalanced, your immune system will take a hit. So, any problems like diarrhea or stomach infections can be a signal that your immune system has become weak. Hence adopt these habits to boost your immune system.

  1. You Are Constantly Under Stress

Our busy schedules can often leave us with little time for ourselves. Over time, this can lead to stress in many people that has a massive negative impact on your immune system.

When we are stressed, our body releases an excess of several hormones. These hormones interfere with our immune system and weaken it by reducing our white blood cell count and in extreme cases, can even lead to tissue damage.

If you find yourself being under a lot of stress constantly, you must take a break from everything and relax. It will be great for your immune system as well as your emotional well-being.

Wrapping up!

If you are not experiencing any of these symptoms, it is likely that your immune system is intact. However, that is no reason to avoid taking precautionary measures and strengthening it even further.

In case you are experiencing any signs of a weakened immune system, you must take action to improve it immediately. Having a weak line of defense can be fatal for your body in its fight against various infections.

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