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6 Engagement and Wedding Trends that Big Brands are Cashing in On

Wedding Trends

The wedding industry is growing globally, largely thanks to the ways that modern brands are able to monetize new trends and perpetuate their own matrimonial movements so that more consumers are interested in adopting them for their nuptials.

Let’s look at some key examples of how brands are making bank on trends relating to engagements, weddings and everything in between.

Lab-Grown Diamond Rings: Modern Brilliance in Jewelry Design

As more couples prioritize eco-conscious choices in their wedding journey, lab-created diamond rings from brands like VRAI have grown immensely popular.

These man made gems not only offer a more affordable alternative compared to mined diamonds, but also address concerns related to environmental impact.

More big jewelry brands have taken notice of this trend, and are now expanding their offerings by including stunning collections featuring lab-grown diamonds set in various styles like solitaire designs, halo settings or intricate vintage patterns.

As these eco-friendly options gain mainstream appeal for being identical to mined diamonds, without the stigma, jewelry retailers can attract an ever-growing audience seeking socially responsible engagement ring options.

Customizable Wedding Experiences: Tailored Celebrations for Modern Couples

As people increasingly seek personalized experiences to reflect their unique love stories, leading brands have catered to the trend of customizable weddings through innovative services and products.

Marriott Hotels, for instance, offer “Memory Makers“, event planning experts who work closely with clients to curate tailored celebrations in line with diverse preferences like cultural requirements, dietary choices or eclectic themes.

Additionally, companies like Etsy provide a vast selection of custom-made decorations and stationery from independent sellers, giving couples countless opportunities for distinctive touches that showcase their identities or shared passions throughout their special day.

Big names in food and catering such as Wolfgang Puck also contribute by creating bespoke menus designed specifically for individual tastes, while blending time-honored flavors with contemporary culinary styles.

By championing this adaptability trend in the wedding industry, prestigious brands set themselves apart as attentive partners dedicated to helping craft unforgettable moments centered around each couple’s storied journey.

Eco-Friendly Venue Options: Embracing Green Practices

In response to an increasing demand for environmentally-conscious weddings, iconic brands are stepping up by offering eco-friendly venue options that champion green practices.

The Kimpton Hotels chain, for example, has designed properties with green initiatives like energy-efficient lighting systems or recycling programs in place, giving couples the opportunity to celebrate at a venue committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

Moreover, luxury resorts such as Sandals extend this consideration further by providing all-inclusive packages that incorporate organic menu offerings sourced from local farm-to-table suppliers, promoting ecologically sound agricultural practices while ensuring a memorable gastronomic experience.

Bridal Subscription Boxes: Personalized Goodies to Simplify Wedding Planning

Navigating the wedding planning journey can seem daunting for many brides-to-be. Big brands have noticed this demand, and are addressing it by offering personalized bridal subscription boxes. These curated collections contain a range of items assisting in decoration, organization, or self-care throughout the entire planning process.

The Bride Box, for example, delivers monthly packages featuring handpicked products like vow books, apparel or jewelry, with each tailored to complement the specific stages of preparing for the big day.

Similarly, Something New Bridal Box takes personalization up a notch by creating a bespoke assortment based on brides’ unique preferences gathered through questionnaires.

Another popular service is Miss To Mrs Box that curates theme-based parcels loaded with full-sized products aimed at different aspects, from ceremony countdowns down to honeymoon fun.

Brands latching onto this trend cater well-rounded solutions connecting modern brides with timely tools, while adding an element of surprise during their celebratory preparations.

Embellished Statement Accessories and Attire for Trendy Brides and Grooms

As couples make bolder fashion choices for their big day, brands are cashing in on this trend by offering unique statement pieces for both brides and grooms.

One such example is BHLDN, Anthropologie’s sister brand, which creates stylish bridal wear that goes beyond old-school designs, incorporating playful details or unconventional silhouettes catering to diverse personal styles.

For grooms, companies like The Tie Bar offer a wide variety of sophisticated accessories like patterned neckties, pocket squares, or bold cufflinks intended to infuse individual flair into special occasion attire.

Meanwhile, luxury brands like Jimmy Choo are expanding their range to include intricately crafted wedding shoes featuring everything from crystal embellishments to custom monograms.

When providing these striking alternatives within the bridal market segment, industry players can appeal directly to modern couples’ tastes who seek the means to express their own identities while tying the knot.

Exciting Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Memorable Experiences by Innovative Brands

Modern brides and grooms often seek inventive ways to celebrate their pre-wedding festivities, focusing on unique experiences over typical bachelor or bachelorette parties. Recognizing this shift in trends, brands are stepping up with creative solutions designed to cater to a broad range of interests.

For instance, Chippendales offers customizable VIP packages for an exhilarating Vegas show experience that extends beyond the traditional male revue format.

Simultaneously, companies like Paint Nite provide art-focused group events where attendees can create personalized masterpieces while socializing over drinks. These activities offer engaging alternatives for more low-key celebrations.

Additionally, some hotels like W Hotels have expertly curated packages specifically targeting groups looking for uniquely themed party concepts, from stylish spa stays to tasteful cooking workshops designed with soon-to-be-married couples in mind.

In capitalizing on evolving preferences surrounding bachelor and bachelorette parties, brands can deliver memorable occasions built upon individual tastes and quirks ensuring unforgettable last hurrahs are had by all.

The Bottom Line

Brands are managing to adapt to new niches in the wedding industry, and forge their own paths with innovations like subscription boxes and bespoke experiences.

This all bodes well for the future, as it enables brands to still thrive even as consumer habits and expectations are changing, and even the nature of modern weddings is shifting away from what used to be the standard in a bygone era.

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