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$5000 is waiting for you. Participate in “XTrend Speed-Go for Your Dreams” now!

XTrend Speed

Thanks to users’ support and trust, XTrendSpeed, a CFD trading platform popular around over 170 countries worldwide, is awarded with Best New Forex Trading Platform-Europe-2022, Fastest Growing Online Forex Broker-Asia-2022 and Best Forex Trading App-2022 in 2022. Clients can trade symbols including but not limited to stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indexes.

XTrendSpeed has been adhering to the idea “TRADE BIG, DREAM BIG” and committed to turning investors’ dreams into realities since it is available. With XTrendSpeed clients can not only learn professional financial knowledge but also know the latest and most comprehensive investment information. Moreover, professional analysts answer clients’ question live every day, helping them get profits and achieve financial semi-freedom.

Under such tough circumstances, the number of XTrendSpeed’s clients has not decreased but increased, indicating XTrendSpeed is a dream-maker of investment &trading as well as a realizer of the dream of making profits.

Therefore, XTrendSpeed will launch an event called “Go for Your Dreams” in April to continue the dream. Participate in the event and win deluxe gifts such as Porsche, $5000 cash, real estate and Apple’s latest electronic products.

Download XTrendSpeed, and explore your potential for winning gifts.

These gifts are proposed by XTrendSpeed team after deliberation.

$5000 in cash makes it possible for you to deal with one of five financial fears including large unexpected expense, taxes, healthcare costs, maintaining your standard of living and job security. Of course, you can also spend the money having a trip with your family at any time you wish.

A Porsche car can provide a safer and warmer haven under today’s difficult circumstances for you and your family, reducing the frequency of your contact with others.

A house will raise your standard of living. It will be your private space. You can make a warm family here with your lover, and then invite a few friends to have a party.

Big data shows investors still have high expectations for investment returns under such difficult circumstances which may limit the freedom of the body but increase investment. With XTrendSpeed, you can trade at home, safeguarding your safety and living quality.

XTrendSpeed will draw the winning numbers of the event for many times. Different gifts each time. Look forward to your participation.

  • A Porsche sports car
  • A house
  • Domestic and foreign luxury tours
  • $5000 in cash
  • Apple’s latest electronic products

How to participate

As a new client, you can download XTrendSpeed, sign up for an account, execute trades with cash, and then you can participate.

As an old client, you can open XTrendSpeed, execute trades with cash and then participate.

Event Rules

1. Clients need execute trade with cash. A single $10 or more trade in cash will trigger one Number Coupon, and Number Coupon is used to redeem Dream Number.

2. The winning numbers will be announced after all of Dream Numbers are redeemed every time. Here is the announcement time.

Daylight saving time (UTC): 13:30

Standard time (UTC): 14:30

3. Open XTrendSpeed for more details!

If you have any questions about the event, you can enter the event page to know more, or contact the online customer service staff of XTrend Speed who will answer your questions 24/7.

Wish you a happy trading!

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