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5 Types Of Online Pokies You Need To Know in 2023

5 Types Of Online Pokies You Need To Know in 2023

Pokies, the most popular type of casino game in Australia, has come to its glory in recent years. Along with their popularity came the multiple variants, but in general, real money online pokies are the spinning reels with various patterns that payout when a specific combination comes out.

In this article, we would like to list the most sought-out types of pokies and give you an idea of their differences. Without further ado, six of the most famous types of pokies Aussies like to play are here.

Classic Pokies or 3-Reel Pokies

Classic pokies are the simplest and the most basic type of pokies. The player gets to spin three reels, among which there is one pay line and six to 12 winning combinations. You can also come across pokies with five pay lines, which often offer multiplayer games, bonus levels, and extra symbols.

These types of the slot are often also found in regular casinos. They may not offer any bonus features, but they can still bring much fun. They also usually offer higher payouts than, for example, video pokies.

5-Reel Pokies

5-Reel Pokies

5-Reel Pokies are also called Video Poker Machines. Their features are significantly improved features of the Classic or 3-Reel Pokies. It also means you have different ways to win. There are at least five pay lines. The extra symbols may appear in various places on the game screen. To win, they do not have to appear next to each other, but there needs to be one in each reel, usually in a left-to-right direction.

The game allows for even as many as 3125 ways to win. The good thing about 5-Reel Pokies is that the minimum bet is as low as $0.01. It makes the game suitable for all players, especially novices and those with smaller funds.


3D Pokies

3D Pokies are a variation of Classic Pokies that were first introduced in the 21st century. They offer exciting interactive features that visually enhance the whole gambling experience. Adding the third-dimension animations gives the player a real-like experience. The added fun, however, does not reflect in higher wins, as the payouts in 3D Pokies are usually lower than those in their classic counterparts. The players can choose how many reels and payout lines they want.

3D Pokies

The main advantage of playing 3D Pokies is that they have unique themes, and thanks to the third dimension, the player can immerse themselves into the world of fun.

Progressive Pokies

As the name indicates, Progressive Pokies have progressive jackpots, which are bigger wins or special bonuses offered to the players during the game. The games usually start with a significant jackpot, gradually increasing the longer you play. A jackpot’s size and progress are documented and shown on a jackpot meter.

Progressive Pokies can be of various types, for example, 3-reel-pokies or 5-reel-pokies. A certain percentage of every bet made by players goes to the prize pool each time they lose until somebody bags the whole jackpot! Because progressive pokies offer such big wins as even thousands of dollars, the question arises: how is it possible?

Video Pokies

Video Pokies

Video Pokies come in various themes, with many unique features and bonus games. The distinctive features of the Video Pokies are their diverse and innovative ways of winning. With the variety of additional features, the diverse themes, and a high possibility of a big win, Video Pokies are an exciting alternative to other Pokies.

Video Pokies have five or more reels with over ten pay lines and thousands of payout combinations. Bonus rounds and reel modifiers are featured in every Video Pokies game.

What Are the Best Online Pokies in Australian Casinos?

Choosing the suitable Pokies games is an individual choice. If you want to immerse yourself in a virtual world and enjoy top-notch visualizations and graphics, code or 3D Pokies will be your best option.

If you want a chance to win a lot of money, choose the games with the progressive jackpot.

The types mentioned above of Pokies are the most frequently played variations. Remember that you can find Pokies that combine both or even more features and enhance your experience even more. Are you ready to spin?

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