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5 Preventative Tips To Save Money On Home Repairs

5 Preventative Tips To Save Money On Home Repairs

When you’re a homeowner, you must spend time and effort protecting your assets. Maintaining your home means your home keeps its value. With just a little regular DIY, your home can be  refreshed and improved.

The list goes on from fixing little leaks, applying fresh paint, and keeping on top of your garden. Oh, and allocating the time and money for it all. However, with so many things you could do, it can be tricky to know where to start.

There are some aspects of your home upkeep that are more vital. So let’s discover which home repairs you should prioritize and how you can save money while you do it.

Learn Skills & Network

When you own a home, spend time and effort learning basic DIY skills in different areas. You may already have some transferable skills, but learning basics in carpentry, roofing, plumbing, landscaping, and decorating can save you vast amounts of money over time.

While you may not create a masterpiece landscape or immaculately crafted decking being able to do odd jobs and fix things around the home will undoubtedly pay off. Leak under the sink? No problem. Tiles re-attaching to the roof? No stress.

You can also take advantage of networking. This means speaking to everyone you know, many of which will know some skilled tradesperson to help with repairs. A great way to ensure you’re getting quality work and possibly, a healthy discount.

General Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a home takes time, effort, and resources. Still, the best way to keep on top is by daily cleaning and upkeep—everything from cleaning kitchen tops, vacuuming floors, making beds, dusting, and tidying up.

If you have a family, you’ll know well that this upkeep is a full-time job. However, keeping things clean is not only great for your peace of mind, great for your peace of mind but reduces wear and tear on your home’s interior. A clean home is a healthy home.

Check For Water Leaks

Water leaks are one of the biggest nuisances in any home. Whether it’s your kitchen sink pipes, toilet plumbing, or roofing, there’s much potential for leaks all over a property. Water causes lasting damage through the mold or structural damage when not prevented. Regularly check for leaks in areas with plumbing, such as your kitchen, bathroom, and roofing.

Checking the exterior of your roof is worthwhile for anywhere water could potentially enter your home. Inspect for missing tiles and areas where leaks could occur, maybe you will even have the chance to put your newfound DIY roofing skills to good use. Keeping water flowing off your roof and into the drain, not collecting leading to damage to your property is essential. While on the roof it is worth clearing out your gutters and possibly investing in a leaf guard for gutters. To ensure clogs are the reason for a water leak in your home.


Heating ventilation and air conditioning are critical, no matter where you live. We all want a comfortable temperature in our homes at all times of the year. Therefore keeping heating and A/C systems well maintained is essential. Before each season, check air filters are working efficiently. Not only will this save you money on energy, but it means systems are less likely to break down and need fixing.

However, should any more significant issues arise regarding HVAC systems, hire a great engineer to fix them. Although we are huge fans of DIY, you don’t want to mess up your system; you could end up forking out for a new one. So invest in an HVAC specialist to inspect and have your system working fast and efficiently.

Hire A Specialist

Sometimes you cannot do it all. DIY is usually fantastic for saving money and a great way to spend a weekend. But for the bigger jobs, it’s more cost-efficient to hire a great tradesperson. Scrimping on this will mean you either do a lousy job yourself or, if you hire the cheapest labor in the area, you run the risk of the job not getting done correctly. Both choices will cost you more time and money down the line. Whereas if you invest in the best labor, the job you know will be done correctly, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge you won’t have to do it again later on.

Get Help When You Need It

Many aspects contribute to maintaining your home and should be done daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annually. For small jobs, get stuck in and learn skills to make repairs for a fraction of the cost.

For larger projects, hire the best skills in your area so you don’t have to fork out more later on. Never be afraid to ask around for a great plumber or roofer in your area; you never know how much money it could save you.

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