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5 Hacks for Sustainable Weight loss

5 Hacks for Sustainable Weight loss

Losing weight is hard. It’s something that many of us struggle with, and this year, most of us are carrying a few extra pounds from our time in lockdown. But, typically, it’s maintaining our weight loss that is hardest. We’re a society of yo yo dieters. We lose weight, gain weight, and struggle to make long-term, positive health changes.

What is Sustainable Weight Loss?

Losing weight can be easy. If you barely ate for a few days, or you followed an extreme diet, the pounds would fall off. But, as soon as you started eating normally again, you’d pile them back on.

Sustainable weight loss isn’t about following extreme diets. It’s about making small changes that you can stick to so that you never return to “normal eating.” Sustained weight loss has many benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Don’t Make Weight Your Priority

If the number on the scales is your priority, you’ll never sustain weight loss, because as soon as you hit the number, old habits will return. You’ll rest because you’ve hit your target. You’ll never be happy with your results, and you’ll be in danger of becoming a lifetime yo yo dieter.

Instead, think about the other benefits of weight loss. Think about how it will affect your health, your energy levels, and your mood. Make these your priorities instead of a number on the scales or in the back of your jeans, and you are far more likely to see sustained success.

Start Strength Training

When we’re trying to lose weight, we tend to focus on diet and cardio exercise. But strength training, especially with the help available at, can help you build muscle, making it easier to burn more calories, gain power and lose fat.

Reduce Stress

We comfort eat when we are stressed out. We grab fast unhealthy foods when we’re rushed. Reduce your stress, and you’re more likely to make time for healthy eating.

Learn About Portion Control

Have you ever weighed your cereal? Depending on the density of the specific cereal, most recommended portions are between one and two cups. Research shows that most people overfill their bowls, some by up to four times the recommended potions. This can mean that instead of eating a 200-calorie breakfast, we’re eating 800 calories.

If you overestimate all of your portions like this, even when eating healthily and avoiding unhealthy snacks, you might be eating far more calories than you are burning off.

Portions of things like pasta, rice, and cereal are often far smaller than we expect them to be. While weighing food is boring and a little depressing, weighing the things that you often eat, at least once, can give you a much better idea of how much you should be eating and how many extra calories you might be consuming.

Don’t Deny Yourself

A big mistake that we make when trying to lose weight is denying ourselves the things we love. In time, this often leads to binges. Allow yourself little treats when you want them, and don’t worry about it!

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