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5 Best Countries for All-Inclusive Resorts

5 Best Countries for All-Inclusive Resorts

Many holidaymakers are under the impression that all-inclusive holidays can be found anywhere, with budget being the only limiting factor. But, the truth is that even with a burning hole in your pocket, there are hardly any all-inclusive options in Vietnam, Thailand, or Japan. 

There needs to be a resort culture in a country or city for there to be many all-inclusive options; normal hotels simply do not offer it as an option. This is why we have taken our time to create a list of 5 countries that do embrace the all-inclusive holiday package as a means to attract tourists from around the world.


The Caribbean islands know how all-inclusive holidays are done right, and none do it better than Jamaica. When browsing Iberostar’s Jamaica resorts, it’s clear that there’s a wide variety of luxury resorts that host world-class hospitality as well as the notorious Caribbean buffets.

Montego Bay, South Coast, and Ocho Rios are just a few of the many regions in Jamaica that have resorts. Most of the hotels will either have their own private beach, or at the very least, a white-sand beach right on their doorstep. Don’t be afraid to dive head first into the watersports on offer.

Besides the jerk chicken, cocktails, and oxtail, Jamaica is fantastic for snorkelling, jet skiing, and island hopping. The British-colonial architecture and reggae history make Jamaica an interesting cultural place, as well as being a slice of paradise with crystal clear waters.


Turkey is extremely popular among Europeans when looking for an affordable luxury holiday. Turkish architecture is stunning, and with a relatively low cost of living, it has resulted in villas and hotels that many Europeans find to be the best around.

Turkey has a seemingly endless coastline that is beautiful. There are a lot of kid-friendly resorts in Turkey because it attracts family holidays, and the hot May temperatures make it a popular out-of-season destination choice.

Be sure to check out Lake Salda if you’re looking for pristine white sand and an otherworldly feel, as this is arguably the most picturesque lake in Europe. Antalya has the most hotel rooms in the country, as well as Roman ruins and a yacht-filled harbour.


Spain is the second most visited country in Europe. It attracts a range of visitors, from cultural explorers walking around the historical cities of Barcelona and Bilbao to budget sun-seekers.

Whilst there are some luxury options in Spain, its all-inclusive resort scene is mostly dominated by budget travellers. Tenerife, Majorca, and Brit-favourite Benidorm are some of the more common resort destinations. Gran Canaria, Minorca, and some of the lesser-known islands are always a good option for quieter, more exclusive holidays.

When booking a resort hotel in Spain, make sure you know exactly what the town is known for. For example, a retired couple looking for a quiet hotel experience should stay away from Magaluf, for example, which is monopolised by teenage party-goers in the summer. Although, if you’re looking for nightlife and all-inclusive alcohol, this could be a great option.


Mexico is an interesting holiday destination that attracts a wide variety of visitors. Yet, it seems all visitors have the same things in mind: beaches, food, and Maya ruins. All three things can be achieved on any budget, be it spring break goers or retired couples.

Being popular among Americans, Mexico is well-known for its resort holidays. There are hundreds of all-inclusive hotels to choose from, all the way from Canc5un to the Mayan Riviera. Whilst there are some islands to explore, we suggest being situated on the East coast, where you can come inland for day excursions; Yucatan is home to various Mayan ruins, for example.

Mexico has some incredible food. Whilst many travellers experience gastro issues when eating local food, this is much less of an issue in resort hotels, making it the ideal way to indulge in your favourite spicy dishes without any health concerns.


For high-budget travellers looking for exclusivity, Maldives is the place to be. It’s a long flight with various connections and there aren’t too many accommodation options, yet what they do have is of extreme exclusivity and quality.

Generally, it’s the sleeping huts in the sea along with pristine white sand and clear waters which attracts visitors. But, there are some great all-inclusive options too, that can provide high-quality food and drinks for its high-paying visitors.

This isn’t the first place we think of when it comes to value for money, but if you’re willing to travel far out to a remote location in order to feel lost in paradise, Maldives remains to be a great option with all-inclusive possibilities. We recommend looking at Malé, Biyadhoo, and Fihalhohi islands, although Maafushi is home to a wide range of incredible all-inclusive resorts too.

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