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3 Reasons Should You Care About Next-Generation Wi-Fi


How many times a day do you connect to the internet? Chances are it’s more often than you realize. Every time you walk into your home, your cellphone probably connects to your home Wi-Fi. You may do the same with tablets and laptops, while stationary computers are always connected. If you have smart appliances or thermostats, your internet usage is even more frequent.

You may also have authorized automatic connections to the Wi-Fi at your work. The same goes for other locations you frequent. These connections occur in the background of our daily lives. You may not think much about the technology that makes it happen, but it’s important to understand next-generation Wi-Fi.

What is Next Generation Wi-Fi?

We depend on Wi-Fi to connect our devices to the internet. We also expect it to move fast enough to keep up with our Facebook scrolling, TikTok binging, video game playing, and endless text message chatting. Slow internet connections can steal the fun or cause profit loss through reduced productivity.

When you hear someone talk about next-generation Wi-Fi, they’re talking about Wi-Fi 6. This is the most updated version of Wi-Fi. It still has the basic job of connecting us all to the internet. It’s just far more efficient at keeping up with our voracious appetites for digital content.

Think of Wi-Fi 6 as the Wi-Fi we all know and love backed by advanced technology. The bandwidth is enhanced, which allows the network to support more devices. There are also upgrades for security, making it safer to work and play online.

Why Should You Care About Wi-Fi 6?

Next-generation Wi-Fi may not seem to change much for most people. You will continue to automatically connect to the internet when you’re within range of an authorized network. Depending on the speed of your previous internet connection, you may notice a slight to substantial increase in upload and download speed.

Is that it? That’s what you may notice on the surface after switching to a next-generation internet service. What you may not realize are the benefits you receive that aren’t so obvious to an untrained mind. Let’s talk about the reasons you should care about the newest Wi-Fi upgrade.

1. Networks are Expanding Rapidly

Everything is smart these days. Your thermostat may reduce heat while you’re at work and then reheat before you come home. You may turn your kitchen stove off from your cellphone at work. You can even keep an eye on the nanny or your new puppy while away from home.

Who’s at your front door? Just check your doorbell security camera, right?

Smart technology is amazing, but it can easily push your Wi-Fi’s bandwidth to full capacity. That’s why the expanded bandwidth of next-generation Wi-Fi matters. It allows you to connect more devices to one network without slowing down speed. We’re talking about full functionality for all devices whether you have five or 35.

Without this new and improved technology, the move toward smart home devices would be stunted. From smartphones and smart cars to smart homes, you need Wi-Fi capable of powering it all at sufficient speed.

2. Hackers are Getting Smarter

What would happen if a criminal gained access to your home’s wireless network? What about the network at your work? They could gain control of all devices connected to the network. That may include your baby monitor, nanny cam, doorbell camera, and laptop. In a professional setting, it could even mean control over door locks and compromised data.

It may seem unlikely for this to happen, but it’s becoming quite common. Parents have heard strange voices interacting with their children through hacked baby monitors. Hackers have taken control of computers, even holding owners ransom.

Next-generation Wi-Fi includes technology that makes wireless network passwords much more difficult to hack. It’s like putting a more robust deadbolt on your front door because your knob locks are easy to kick open.

You may not notice this benefit of next-generation Wi-Fi like you might an increase in speed. It should still give you greater peace of mind just knowing that your network is more secure. You still need to protect passwords and personal information as you work and play online.

3. Wi-Fi 6 is Coming to a Device You Love

This technology is likely to make its way into every cell phone, video game console, and smart home appliance designed for the future. Understanding the importance of this advanced technology may impact your buying decisions. You can’t take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 benefits without investing in routers and devices that are compatible with this next generation.

Even if you don’t upgrade devices often, you may decide it’s necessary to get faster and more secure Wi-Fi technology. You may also want to take advantage of this technology if you’re setting up a lot of smart home devices. The more devices connected to your network, the more you need next-gen technology.

When is the Right Time to Upgrade?

For many people, upgrading to next-gen internet service is a big step. You may need to upgrade some devices connected to your network as well. You have to compare the upfront cost with the benefits you will enjoy. The more devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi, the more likely you are to consider the upgrade worth the investment of time and money.

Wi-Fi may operate in the background of your life, but it impacts everything you do. You may not need to know everything it does or the technical details of how it works. You just need to understand that the newest generation is faster, smarter, and safer than any generation before.

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