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RC F – THE ALL-NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE COUPE BY LEXUS The aggressive new Lexus RC F coupe has been designed for optimum high speed stability to support the most powerful V8 performance car ever developed by Lexus.

Brussels, Belgium –  The 5.0-litre V8 develops 351kW (477PS) of power at 7100rpm and 530Nm of torque from 4800–5600rpm, driving through a close-ratio eight-speed sports direct shift with the option of a world-firstapplication of a torque vectoring differential for front-engine/rear-drive vehicle to enhance power delivery.

It is the second generation V8 F model from Lexus, intended to evoke the best of tuning and technology from the flagship V10 LFA supercar (of which just 500 were manufactured).

‘F’ – for ‘Fuji Speedway” where much of Lexus’ high speed development occurs – has become its pinnacle sports brand, adding greater depth to the entire model range on three elements of “Fun”: response, continuous acceleration feeling, and sound that engages with and excites the driver.

RC F is intended to bring great driving pleasure to owners on road and track.

Resolutely powerful design interpretations – both cosmetic and dynamicdistinguish RC F from the RC on which it is based.

To complement its higher horsepower delivery RC F has a far more comprehensive aerodynamic package, including an active rear wing, a purpose-designed brake and suspension system, wider wheels and tyres and unique styling which is functional as well as startling.

An electronically enhanced driveline based on Lexus’ Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM) enable amateur drivers to get closer to limits previously attainable only by trained professionals. The same systems generate even greater levels of safety on the open road.

“There is no greater emotional attachment than through a coupe in which the purity of its design connects on visual and visceral levels,” Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin said. “RC F will be a contemporary hero-vehicle in the Lexus range, standing alongside the LFA as the embodiment of the enjoyment of sports-motoring.”

Lexus RC F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi is a 29-year Lexus veteran – with the brand since its inception. One of the leaders of the development team for the Lexus F concept, he previously directed the development of the IS F sports sedan and its circuit-exclusive race version, the IS F CCS-R.

Mr Yaguchi has dual responsibilities for the Lexus F customer motor sports program and for Lexus’ sports vehicle management division (for which he is also chief engineer).

He joined Lexus in 1985, four years before the launch of the first Lexus LS 400, and has been mainly with Lexus ever since in roles as diverse as co-ordinator of performance, branding strategy and management planning.

A member of the original Lexus Planning Division, he was directly responsible for the development of the F brand strategy and the concept planning of the IS F – a premium sports sedan, powerful and with a forgiving nature. IS F earned high acclaim globally and was enhanced annually with improvements that provided additional levels of performance.

Customers spreading the word about the ‘F’ and its driving fun drew in users from rival brands and closed the gap on the sporty image of Lexus compared with those brands,” Mr Yaguchi said. “It ushered a new era for the Lexus brand.

The F reputation was further enhanced with the limited edition LFA supercar. Today, with the LFA no longer in production, the RC F will become the new Lexus F flagship – through its emotional coupe design and the authenticity of its performance.

“The RC F inherits without compromise our policy that F models must be fully capable of running on a circuit for unrestricted and safe ultimate driving pleasure,” Mr Yaguchi said. “However, the RC F is also intended to enable drivers of all skill levels to enjoy fun-to-drive performance. F models must provide strong performance and pure driving pleasure also on public roads.”

“Only the most basic parameters came from the IS F. The V8 engine remains at 5.0-litres, but it is essentially new. So is the drivetrain, the suspension – even the platform on which RC F is based.”

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