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2 Simple Ways to Make Your Online Brand More Recognisable

If you’re to stand a chance of drawing attention to your online business, you have to create for yourself a brand that is easy to recognise and engage with. Anything less, and you aren’t going to give consumers a reason to check out your website or subsequently the services that you offer.

It is not realistic to expect yourself to build an amazing and instantly recognisable brand overnight. It’s going to take you a lot of time to hone in on an audience, it’s going to take you even longer to figure out how to reach them, and it’s going to take even longer still to create and generate content that evokes a natural and emotional reaction out of them. However, by following the below advice, you’ll be sure to make everything about this all-important task a lot more straightforward.

Here are two simply ways you make your online brand much more recognisable:

Create a favicon

More often than not, your business won’t be the only thing that your audience members focus on whenever they use the internet. They’ll be chatting on Facebook, they’ll be reading up on the latest news bulletins, and they’ll be researching things for work, at the same time aschecking out what it is you offer. With this multitude of tabs open, it’ll be hard for your brand to be as recognizable as you want/need it to be. There is, however, something that you can do to stand out from the crowd in this instance — create a favicon. This is the little icon that sits next to the name of your website whenever it is listed in browser tabs, navigation bars, and bookmark lists. Think the colourful ‘G’ for Google and the blue bird for Twitter — they’re easy to recognise even when the name of the website that they represent isn’t listed next to them, which just goes to show how important favicons have the potential to be.

When creating this small yet essential piece of your business’s online brand, it’s important to make use of the best favicon generators. Therefore, you can create a favicon that encapsulates everything about your online brand without having to spend hours making this image yourself.

Partner up with influencers

When trying to get your business noticed more often by a greater number of internet users, it’s essential that you take your message to your target audience. Your ideal consumers aren’t going to go out of their way to find you, so it’s essential that you bring your brand to them. One of the best ways to do this is to partner up with social media influencers. These professionals have access to a vast and dedicated fanbase, which means they can advertise your business to all of the consumers that matter most to you.

When working with social media influencers, you must:

  • Know what audience you wish totarget.
  • Consider the relevance, reach, and resonance of the influencer(s) in question.
  • Collaborate with yourpartner to ensure the venture is worthwhile for both parties.
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