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Introducing Zelis Advanced Payments Platform (ZAPP)

Zelis Advanced Payments Platform
  • Zelis Healthcare has launched the Zelis Advanced Payments Platform (ZAPP), streamlining payment processing and communications for healthcare providers, payers, and members.
  • ZAPP enhances compliance, reduces operational costs, and supports modernization efforts, already handling $220 billion in payments and 800 million claims communications.

Zelis Healthcare Payment and Communications Platform was recently unveiled. This platform provides both payment processing capabilities as well as communication for healthcare payments.

Zelis Advanced Payments Platform (ZAPP), developed by Zelis Healthcare IT solutions provider Zelis Group Inc, allows payers to efficiently process high volumes of claims payments and communications while streamlining payment experiences for both providers and members, according to an announcement on Monday (May 20).

“We’ve created an innovative platform that can scale based on a client’s needs, helps them stay compliant, provides modern offerings, and reduces friction among payers, providers and members,” Yusuf Qasim, president, payments optimization at Zelis, said in the release.

By streamlining communications and payments across channels such as automated clearing house (ACH), virtual credit cards and checks, ZAPP reduces operational costs for payers while simultaneously offering quick and seamless payments and communications between providers and members, according to their press release.

This platform also expedites payers’ modernization efforts by helping them expand into new markets and reach additional payees, according to a release.

Risk and complexity are mitigated through managing and storing over 1 million rules to help payers maintain compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, according to a release.

ZAPP has now gone general availability following two years of collaboration between clients and ZAPP developers, according to its release. Already used by over 450 payers delivering $220 billion of payments and 800 million claims communications through ZAPP’s platform, 450 payers use ZAPP regularly and it is used by them all worldwide.

“We’ve thoughtfully built ZAPP by listening to the needs of payer clients and expanding our partner ecosystem,” Qasim said in the release.

According to “The Digital Platform Promise: How Patients Want to Streamline Healthcare Payments,” published jointly by PYMNTS Intelligence and Lynx, 48% of consumers who hold accounts with digital healthcare- or wellness-related portals reported that online channels help in at least one part of payments and billing management experience, according to an independent PYMNTS Intelligence report.

Zelis recently unveiled numerous other products and partnerships, such as an in-network pricing/contract modeling service for health plans; an agreement with Availity that streamlines everything from administrative workflows through healthcare payments between payers and providers; as well as a tool geared toward helping consumers better navigate healthcare landscape.

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