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Most shoes tell a story about the manufacturer. Silhouettes are created by a designer, not a wearer. Colours are decided by a creative team, not an athlete. What if you could make a pair of shoes truly your own, and customise them by doing what you love? With the ZeroDye trail running capsule, you wear your story.

ZeroDye is a concept that flips conventional footwear on its head, using materials in their natural colour state, to save natural resources. That means every shoe is waiting for you to write your story as you run. Every mark is a chapter, every stain and mud-splat a subplot in your unique off-road adventures.

adidas TERREX ZeroDye

These marks are something to be celebrated and worn with pride. Rather than taking away from the shoe’s look, the ZeroDye concept embraces the battle scars that you leave on them.

Skipping the dyeing process also saves resources in the production process by using materials in their natural colours, bringing a new element of sustainability to technical clothing design, while packing in TERREX features that help you push your limits.

When you put on a pair of TERREX ZeroDye shoes, you’re recording your unique trail experience. With ZeroDye, you are the designer. With TERREX, you set the limits.


Make new milestones. Designed to help you find your flow, the TERREX TWO BOA®  is engineered for long trail runs. A trail running shoe that goes as far as you dare take it, the TERREX TWO BOA® thrives on mid-to long-distance runs in all terrains and makes every trail feel like a trail without obstacles. Superior cushioning, stability and breathability come in a trail-specific fit – including a snack heel and wide forefoot for distance runs. Made with ZeroDye materials, the TERREX TWO BOA® packs sustainability to match the functionality. The result is a comfort that pushes you through the ups and downs, past the point where others stop to celebrate.

Features and benefits:

  • Continental Rubber for extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for long trail runs and long-term cushioning
  • Rocker shape for a smooth ride
  • BOA® closure system for customised fit
  • Weight / Men’s: 320g, Women’s: 280g
  • Price / €130


Carve your own path with the TERREX TRAILMAKER. This versatile shoe is ready to tackle anything a mountain can throw at it. Simultaneously flexible and stable, it ensures comfort during any distance.

Features and benefits:

  • Continental Rubber for extraordinary grip even in wet conditions
  • LACE BUNGEE stows laces to help avoid tangling
  • Made using sustainable ZeroDye materials
  • Weight / Men’s: 310g, Women’s: 255g
  • Price / €120


Conquer any trail with the Terrex Agravic. This fast and light trail running shoe utilises the peerless energy return of BOOST™ above a Continental Rubber sole for maximum grip and control. The toughened upper provides added support and durability, even on the toughest routes.

Features and benefits:

  • BOOST™ is our most responsive cushioning ever: the more energy you give the more you get
  • Recycled EVA frame provides extra stability
  • Made using sustainable ZeroDye materials
  • Continental Rubber for extraordinary grip even in wet conditions
  • Textile and mesh upper with abrasion-resistant welding for added protection and durability
  • EVA tongue for optimal comfort Weight / Men’s: 330g / Women’s: 275g
  • Price / €140


When race day comes around, you need a shoe that can keep pace. Supremely flexible, super fast: the TERREX AGRAVIC SPEED is built low to the ground, with a breathable, sock-like construction. It’s the lightest TERREX trail running shoe to date. So you can concentrate on the heavy graft.

Features and benefits:

  • Ultra lightweight trail running shoe
  • Made using sustainable ZeroDye materials
  • Continental Rubber for extraordinary grip even in wet conditions • Unique breathable sock-like construction
  • Weight / Men’s: 255g / Women’s: 215g
  • Price / €130

About adidas TERREX

adidas TERREX is the creator brand in the outdoors. We exist to inspire those who shape their own path in the outdoors. Those who unleash their imagination and progress beyond their expectations – be it climbing, trail running, mountain biking or multi-mountain sports.

Source: Adidas Global

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